Ultra Deep Field
High-Level Science Products

The Space Telescope Science Institute, in collaboration with the Space Telescope - European Coordinating Facility (ST-ECF), and the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre (CADC) are pleased to release the final reduced images, object catalogs, and ancillary files from the Hubble Space Telescope Ultra Deep Field program. The following directories contain the science products for each part of the program, including the primary ACS WFC observations, the NICMOS images obtained under the Cycle 12 Treasury Program 9803, and the NICMOS and ACS HRC parallel images taken with the ACS WFC images. Users should consult the "README" files for each of these datasets and the UDF Homepage for full descriptions of these science products and the UDF program.

Links to download the raw ACS-WFC data and associated calibration files and cosmic ray masks are also provided below.

  • STScI
    No Longer Active
  • NICMOS Treasury
  • STScI   CADC  
  • ACS HRC Parallels
  • STScI   CADC ST-ECF Parallel preview
  • ACS NICMOS Parallels
  • STScI   CADC  
  • STScI   CADC  
  • UDF ACS-WFC Raw Data
  • STScI   CADC  
  • ACS Grism Slitless Spectra
  • STScI    
  • ACS Follow-up of original NICMOS Parallels
  • STScI    
  • Catalogs of B-, V-, and i-band dropout sources
  • STScI    
  • Ultraviolet Imaging of the UDF
  • STScI    

    Please report any problems with these links, or data, to archive@stsci.edu.