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Coadded Dataset E140M-1425_020X020_52021

Dataset MODE-λcen Aper Range Texp MJD QF Vshft Xcorr Params
o64d07010 FITS E140M-1425 020×020 1140-1729 2261 52021.664 97 +0.00 1253.74 [0.09]
o64d07020 FITS E140M-1425 020×020 1140-1729 2906 52021.722 97 +0.70

Notes. Aperture code: 020×009= 0.20″×0.09″. Range is in Å. Texp is total exposure time (seconds). MJD is start time of exposure. "QF" is quality factor. "Vshft" is wavelength correction (in km/s) derived from cross-correlation relative to first exposure of sequence. Datasets are time ordered. Template parameters (λ and [Δλ], both in Å), if any, are listed for first spectrum, but refer to entire sequence. If template params are not reported, a "blind" coaddition was performed.

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