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Merging and Interacting Galaxies

The HST 18th anniversary press release contains a large gallery of interacting and merging galaxies. In association with this press release, a small number of these objects have been made available as MAST High-Level Science Products (HLSP). Some other relatively recent press releases have featured other mergers, including Hubble's 19th anniversary image:

These data were originally acquired under HST programs 6276, 10592, 11091, 11092, 11095, 11956, and 11994.

* A web-based poll was conducted and the public chose Arp 274 for the International Year of Astronomy (IYA) "100 hours of astronomy" event:

A README file describes the products and reduction steps for these data.

A list of the available data and previews for a target will be displayed when you click on either the target name or the image in the list below. You may also download the data via anonymous ftp:

ftp (login as anonymous)
cd /pub/hlsp/merggal

Object Name
Click on name to see table of files
Image from the Press Release Original HST Program(s) Associated Press Release
Arp 194 Arp 194 image 11956 HST 19th Anniversary
April 21, 2009
Arp 274 Arp 274 image 11994 "Hubble Celebrates the International Year of Astronomy with the Galaxy Triplet Arp 274"
April 3, 2009
Arp 147 Arp 147 image 11902 "Hubble Scores a Perfect Ten"
October 30, 2008
NGC 6050 NGC 6050 148 image 11095 "Cosmic Collisions Galore!"
HST 18th Anniversary
April 24, 2008
Arp 148 Arp 148 image 6276
"Cosmic Collisions Galore!"
HST 18th Anniversary
April 24, 2008
ESO 69 6 ESO 69 6image 10592 "Cosmic Collisions Galore!"
HST 18th Anniversary
April 24, 2008
Arp 87 Arp 87 image 11092 "Dancing with the Stars"
October 30, 2007