IUE Spectral Atlas of Pre-Main-Sequence Stars

This spectral catalog contains coadded IUE low-resolution spectra (from standard NEWSIPS MXLO files) of every T Tauri star (TTS) and candidate Herbig Ae/Be (HAEBE) star with useful IUE data. Processing and analysis procedures are described in Valenti, Johns-Krull, & Linsky (2000, ApJS, 129, 399 ) for short wavelength (SW) data (1150-1980 Angstroms) and in Valenti, Fallon, and Johns-Krull (2003, ApJS, in press) for long wavelength (LW) data (1900-3200 Angstroms). Johns-Krull, Valenti, & Linsky (2000, ApJ, 539, 815 provide an analysis of the SW data. The dereddened main-sequence templates used in the analysis of HAEBE stars are also presented.

Coadded SW and LW spectra have been spliced together, when both are available, using the full extent of the lower noise SW segment. It was not practical to use the small and often noisy overlap region to correct for SW and LW mismatch due to stellar variability. Main sequence templates for some spectral types are constructed from LW and scaled SW observations of different stars.

The spectra are available in FITS binary table, two-column ASCII, and PNG (non-proprietary GIF) format graphical preview formats. Each FITS header lists the IUE camera-sequence numbers of data included in the coaddition. Rejected data and explanations are available in the papers cited above. Potentially interesting spectral features (e.g., Mg II, Si IV, C IV) are labelled in the plots. In the tables linked below, TTS are ordered by increasing right ascension, while HAEBE stars are ordered by spectral type.

Available Data

Copyright Statement: The data presented here will be published in the Astrophysical Journal and Astrophysical Journal Supplements and appears with the permission of the American Astronomical Society and the author cited above. Reuse or redistribution of these data is subject to the copyright policies of the American Astronomical Society.