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Dataset octr10010

Dataset MODE−λcen Aper Range Texp MJD QF Vshft XC / Fscl
octr10010_1 E140M-1425 0.2×0.2 1140−1729 1500 57411.259 8 +0.00

Notes. Aper is abbreviated aperture code (0.2×0.2= 0.2″×0.2″). Spectral Range is in Å. Texp is integration time (in s). MJD is U.T. start time of the sub-exposure. QF is quality factor (average S/N per resel) . Vshft (wavelength correction) is zero by default for single sub-exposure. Wavelengths and fluxes are listed in FITS extension 1 of top-level dataset octr10010.