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Sub-Exposure Processing Summary

Top panel shows processed sub-exp spectrum (blue). Red curve is 1σ photometric error (per resel); red dots are 10σ. Small crosses mark points flagged for various quality issues. Title lists sub-exp name, resolution (High or Medium) concatenated with CENWAVE (Å), aperture, integration time, blaze shift (ΔC), and MJD start.

Center panel depicts echelle blaze correction. Dots are deviations of flux ratios (1-R) in overlapping zones of adjacent echelle orders, after iterative correction to determine empirical blaze shift. Red points are off-scale. Green dots are subset that define blaze shift: derived value (ΔC) listed in top panel heading. If blaze shift could not be determined, "DEF" is displayed, and default (time-dependent) blaze shift was used.

Bottom panel is check of CALSTIS wavelength calibration and ASTRAL λ-distortion correction. Title lists wavecal sub-exposure number, aperture (sometimes different than science exp), integration time, and MJD start. Dots are deviations of wavecal lines from laboratory values, measured in WAV processed as science echellegram. Full y-axis span is ±2 resels. Green dots are subset to define average shift. Latter is displayed in panel as Δv ±1σ [±1 s.e.] . If reliable value could not be determined, Δv is reported as zero in square brackets. If derived Δv exceeded 2 s.e., shift was applied as additional wavelength correction.