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Co-Added Dataset oc1i11010

Dataset MODE−λcen Aper Range Texp MJD QF Vshft XC / Fscl
oc1i11010_1 E140M-1425 0.2×0.2 1140−1729 1425 56536.680 8 +0.00 1351.56 [0.10]
oc1i11010_2 E140M-1425 0.2×0.2 1140−1729 1425 56536.698 8 +0.08 1.007
oc1i11010_3 E140M-1425 0.2×0.2 1140−1729 1425 56536.717 8 −0.33 1.016

Notes. Aper is abbreviated aperture code (0.2×0.2= 0.2″×0.2″). Spectral Range is in Å. Texp is integration time (in s). MJD is U.T. start time of each sub-exposure. QF is quality factor (average S/N per resel) . Vshft is wavelength correction (in km/s) derived by cross-correlation relative to first spectrum listed. Datasets normally are time-ordered, unless later sub-exposure of the sequence had significantly higher throughput, in which case it would be in first position. Cross-correlation template parameters (XC: λ and [Δλ], in Å), if any, are provided for first spectrum, but refer to entire group. Null template ("∼") indicates simple co-addition (no shifts). Values in that column for subsequent datasets are flux scale factors (Fscl) relative to leading spectrum (for which Fscl= 1). Wavelengths and fluxes for sub-exposure "_n" can be found in FITS extension n+1 of co-added dataset oc1i11010.