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Spliced Dataset UVSUM_1M_56953-57771

Dataset MODE−λcen Aper Range Texp MJD QF Vshft XC Fscl
E140M-1425_MULTIaperture_56953-57771 FITS
1150.0-1707.9 8494 56953.866 165 +0.59
E230M-1978_0.2x0.2_56953-56967 FITS
1613.6-2363.3 3458 56953.814 135 +1.42 1656.88 [0.22] 1.000
E230M-2707_0.1x0.03_56953-56967 FITS
2282.4-3118.2 3800 56953.943 153 −2.01 2344.08 [0.39] 1.755

Notes. Spectral Range is in Å. Texp is total exposure time (in s). MJD is first start time of a sequence. QF is quality factor (average S/N per resel). Vshft is wavelength correction (in km/s) derived from pair-wise cross-correlations. XC are cross-correlation template parameters (λ and [Δλ], in Å). Cross-correlation, if any, was applied between template spectrum and preceding one. If no template params are reported ("∼") beyond first spectrum, "blind" coaddition (no relative shifts) was performed. Fscl is flux scale factor bootstrapped from overlap zones with reliable flux ratios, relative to spectrum with best apparent throughput (Fscl= 1).