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3C 405 (Cyg A); z=0.056075

3C 405 is the archetypal FR II radio galaxy [Carilli and Barthel1996]. There is a buried quasar detected in the host galaxy [Djorgovski et al.1991]. The hot spots are detected in the X-ray (e.g. [Wilson et al.2000]. The galaxy envelope fills the arcsec NIC2 chip, with the hot spots lying outside the NICMOS image. The inner galaxy contains interesting patchy and filamentary structure. There is strong dust absorption running roughly E-W below the nucleus. There is a strong patch of dust just NE of the nucleus. There is also what looks like part of an ionization cone pointing to the north-west. At the highest brightness levels, we see a bright point source centered on a rough ``X'' shape which may define the edges of the ionization cone. Similar results have been described by  [Tadhunter et al.1999].

David James Elford Floyd