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HST Snapshots of 3CR Radio Galaxies

The revised 3C catalogue (3CR, Bennett 1962) forms a flux-limited sample of the most radio-powerful sources in the northern hemisphere. Over the decade and a half of HST operation, a snapshot imaging survey from the near-IR to the near-UV of a large number of these sources has been conducted. Most recently the team has completed a NICMOS 1.6 micron survey of low-redshift (z<0.3) 3CR sources (Madrid et al. 2006, Floyd et al 2008). The fully-reduced data for all 101 sources included in those papers are presented here in numerical order. This includes 90 sources from the SNAP survey and a further 11 from the NIC2 archive. See the above papers for a full discussion of the data. Brief notes are provided for each object. A README file is provided with additional information about the project and data reduction.

Click on the desired CR number range to see preview of data and to download the fits files.

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For Information on the radio sources themselves, see Patrick Leahy's radio atlas at Jodrell Bank.

If you wish to download the fits files via anonymous ftp

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