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JWST/NIRCam Simulated Data

Created by: Bryan Hilbert and the NIRCam Team

The following data products were created with the NIRCam data-ramp simulator for the imaging configuration. Inputs to the simulator include:

  • a real NIRCam dark current ramp from CV3 testing
  • a list of star & galaxy sources, and cosmic rays that were included in the fields
  • the choice of filter and the associated system throughput curve
  • the RA and Dec of the pointing

The data include exposures simulated using:

  • Module A
  • both channels
  • 2 dither positions
The SHORT channel used filter F210M and the LONG channel used F335M. The data include multiple levels of processing from raw to calibrated count-rate images. For more information about the simulation, see the README file.

The data are stored in multi-extension FITS files using an SSB data model[1], to assure agreement with the format and content expected of a Level-1b exposure. An exposure prepared in this way can be run through the Level-2 and Level-3 pipelines.

Data Files

Use the links in the following table to download the files of interest.

NIRCam Image Simulation Data Files
File Size Position Description
Ch: SHORT; Filter: F210M
nrca4_dith1_uncal.fits 1.92 GB 1 Raw file (Level_1b)
nrca4_dith1_rate.fits 50.4 MB 1 Count-rate file (Level-2a)
nrca4_dith1_rateints.fits 252 MB 1 3D countrate exposure data cube (Level-2a)
nrca4_dith1_cal.fits 67.2 MB 1 Calibrated count-rate file (Level-2b)
nrca4_dith1_rateints_cal.fits 268 MB 1 Calibrated 3D countrate exposure data cube (Level-2b)
nrca4_dith2_uncal.fits 1.92 GB 2 Raw file (Level_1b)
nrca4_dith2_rate.fits 50.4 MB 2 Count-rate file (Level-2a)
nrca4_dith2_cal.fits 67.2 MB 2 Calibrated count-rate file (Level-2b)
Ch: LONG; Filter: F335M
nrca5_dith1_uncal.fits 1.92 GB 1 Raw file (Level_1b)
nrca5_dith1_rate.fits 50.4 MB 1 Count-rate file (Level-2a)
nrca5_dith1_cal.fits 67.2 MB 1 Calibrated count-rate file (Level-2b)
nrca5_dith2_uncal.fits 1.92 GB 2 Raw file (Level_1b)
nrca5_dith2_rate.fits 50.4 MB 2 Count-rate file (Level-2a)
nrca5_dith2_cal.fits 67.2 MB 2 Calibrated count-rate file (Level-2b)
Full Data Set
sim_ncam_full.tgz 2.35 GB All Bundle of all .fits files


The following lists specify the positions and other attributes of the sources; all files are in ASCII.

Simulation Source Lists
File Position Description
Lists.tgz All Unix g-zipped tar of all lists
galaxies.list All Galaxy master list
point_sources.list All Point-source master list
nrca4_dith1_CR.list 1 Cosmic-ray list
nrca4_dith1_gal.list 1 Galaxy list
nrca4_dith1_ps.list 1 Point-source list
nrca4_dith2_CR.list 2 Cosmic-ray list
nrca4_dith2_gal.list 2 Galaxy list
nrca4_dith2_ps.list 2 Point-source list
nrca5_dith1_CR.list 1 Cosmic-ray list
nrca5_dith1_gal.list 1 Galaxy list
nrca5_dith1_ps.list 1 Point-source list
nrca5_dith2_CR.list 2 Cosmic-ray list
nrca5_dith2_gal.list 2 Galaxy list
nrca5_dith2_ps.list 2 Point-source list

[1]The format, organization, and content of the data files offered here is consistent with the DMS baseline ca. 2017 March.

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