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MAST JWST Simulated Data

Simulated Data

Simulated observations have been created for each of the instruments listed below as a way to familiarize investigators with JWST data products. These high fidelity simulations were developed by JWST instrument team members, including instrument scientists at STScI and ESA. Simulation data for MIRI and NIRSpec remains available through an FTP hosted by ESA. Data files that were used to generate the simulated observations, such as catalogs of sources, SEDs, background, etc., are also provided where available. Most data are organized and formatted in substantially the same way as they would from a genuine observing program for various observing modes. Data files may be retrieved individually or, in some cases, in bulk from the linked pages listed below.

  • MIRI data simulations (at ESA) include an Integral Field observation with the Medium Resolution Spectrograph (MRS), a Low Resolution Spectrograph (LRS) observation, and an imaging observation. (Credit: ESA, Pamela Klaassen and the MIRISim Team)
  • NIRCam data simulations were created by Bryan Hilbert and the NIRCam team.
  • NIRISS data simulations include the following science modes: Imaging, Wide-Field Slitless Spectroscopy (WFSS), Single Object Slitless Spectroscopy (SOSS) and Aperture-Masking Interferometry (AMI). (Credit: Kevin Volk, Gabriel Brammer, Deepashri Thatte, Joseph Filippazzo and Jason Rowe)
  • NIRSpec data simulations (at ESA) include observations using the Multi-Object Spectroscopy (MOS) mode and Integral Field Spectroscopy (IFU) mode. (Credit: The ESA JWST-NIRSpec team)

Note: The format and organization of most of the data and metadata in the FITS files offered here is the same as that expected for Level-1b products (ca. 2017 Mar).

More information about the JWST instruments and observing modes can be found on JDox.