HST UV Initiative Programs

The UV Initiative, in place since Cycle 21, recognizes the unique capability that Hubble has in accessing the ultraviolet (UV) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (wavelengths less than 3200 Angstroms). Nearly all categories of proposals (Small, Medium, Large, and Treasury GO proposals, as well as Regular Archival, Legacy Archival, and Theory proposals) are eligible for the UV Initiative. The science programs being conducted under the UV Initiative span almost all science categories.

Below are two tables listing the two types of programs: General Observer programs and Archival programs. The planned orbit counts may not be completely accurate especially for multi-cycle programs.

General Observer Programs

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First Cycle for the Program Proposal    Number(s)    Title PI Planned External Orbits* Planned Parallel Orbits*
3017227Unique Constraints on the Physics of Circumgalactic Gas from Ultrahigh Resolution Observations of Galactic High-Velocity CloudsTripp, Todd M.480
3017225The (Ir)Regularities of Dust Attenuation in Star Forming GalaxiesCalzetti, Daniela 90
3017223Far out in the SMC wing: the extraordinary cluster NGC 602Zeidler, Peter 50
3017222WD Periastron Passage in the R Aqr System: Zooming on the New Ejecta and JetKarovska, Margarita 60
3017220Are There Two Classes of Lyman-Leaky Galaxies?Heckman, Timothy M.120
3017217The First Dedicated Spectroscopic Extreme UV Survey of Low-Luminosity Broad-Line Active Galactic NucleiWorseck, Gabor 200
3017214Unravelling the auroral diversity and magnetospheric dynamics of Uranus while approaching solsticeLamy, Laurent 120
3017213UV spectroscopy of the next interstellar object 3IDrahus, Michal 160
3017211Search for feedback signatures in massive blue galaxy halosBordoloi, Rongmon 560
3017209Circumgalactic Gas on the Outskirts of the Local Group: the Halo of Sextans BFox, Andrew J.80
3017208Tick Tock, Time's Up: An Alternative to the Supermassive Black Hole Binary Scenario in J1430Runnoe, Jessie Caye30
3017207Fundamentally More: Quadrupling the sample of CALSPEC fundamental white dwarfsRubin, David 350
3017205Explosions in Real-Time: Rapid UV Supernova Flash SpectroscopyZimmerman, Erez Arie220
3017204Early spectroscopy of tidal disruption events: outflow signatures or chemical composition ?Leloudas, Giorgos 60
3017203Towards a Comprehensive Search for Surviving Companions to Stripped-Envelope SupernovaeFox, Ori Dosovitz220
3017202Does MWC 656 host a black hole or stripped helium star? FUV spectroscopy will tell.El-Badry, Kareem 30
3017201Determining the High-Energy Emission Mechanism in Extragalactic Jets with HSTMeyer, Eileen T130
3017198First look at the high-ionization UV nebular emission powered by the youngest stellar populations below 5% solar metallicity: the missing link to the reionization era?Senchyna, Peter 70
3017196Identifying the Hydrogen Excess in the Stagnation Region at the Heliospheric InterfaceClarke, John T.60
3017195UV Spectroscopic Signatures from Fast Evolving TransientsFox, Ori Dosovitz60
3017193WO-type Wolf-Rayet Stars: The Last Hurrah of Massive StarsMassey, Philip Louis70
3017192The SPACE Program: a Sub-neptune Planetary Atmosphere Characterization ExperimentKreidberg, Laura 2050
3017190Will the Recurrent Nova T Pyxidis Become a Type Ia Supernova?Godon, Patrick 40
3017189A panoramic study of low-density star formation in XUV disk galaxy NGC 3621: Testing for environmental dependency of clusters, OB associations, and the stellar hierarchyThilker, David 240
3017186The Origins and Evolution of Helium Atmosphere White DwarfsProvencal, Judith L.100
3017185How diverse is the bulk composition of exoplanetary material?Rogers, Laura 640
3017183Hubble Ultraviolet-optical Survey of Transiting Legacy Exoplanets (HUSTLE) treasury programWakeford, Hannah 1220
3017182The hot remnant core of the mass donor in a unique Be star binary HD 92406 - two stellar eclipses and two disk occultations per orbitLabadie-Bartz, Jonathan M20
3017180What's hidding in the neutral gas? Dissecting the different metallicity components in NGC 1313Hernandez, Svea S80
3017178The Blue Edge of the Helium White Dwarf Instability StripProvencal, Judith L.270
3017176The Innermost Regions of FU Ori Disks: A Spectral Legacy for HST/STIS+COSHillenbrand, Lynne A.210
3017171Uncovering the Lyman continuum SED of star-forming galaxies from ~550 to 912 AngstroemSchaerer, Daniel 250
3017170Measuring the Effect of Progenitor Metallicity on Type Ia Supernova Distance EstimatesSiebert, Matthew Ryan80
3017169Revealing the link between strong LyC emitters and enigmatic CIV emittersSchaerer, Daniel 340
3017166Fission of Transuranic Nuclei: A Potential Observational Signature in Metal-Poor StarsRoederer, Ian U.600
3017162The HST/JWST synergy: A deep dive into the NUV with WASP-39b to answer key formation questionsSing, David K.240
3017159Escaping Lyman Continuum from the Overdensities of Extreme Emission Line Galaxies at z~2.2Wang, Xin 380
3017157Observing the Overlooked Double Lyman-alpha Transit of HD 189733 b to Break Mass Loss Rate DegeneraciesLoyd, R. O. Parke140
3017156Transiting Ultra-hot Gas Giants: Astrophysical Laboratories for Atmospheric Escape StudiesCauley, Paul Wilson200
3017155The legacy UV survey of 28 pulsarsKargaltsev, Oleg Y.280
3017153Resolving Lyman Alpha emission in a complete sample of Lyman Continuum leakers and non-leakersLeclercq, Floriane 490
3017151Massive star clusters in low star formation regime dwarfs?Messa, Matteo 300
3017148Preparing to find the sources of the reionization: Testing MgII as a Lyman Continuum tracer using a unique mock JWST sampleLeclercq, Floriane 350
3017146A High-Definition View of the Baryon Cycle in Massive GalaxiesZahedy, Fakhri S360
3017142Europa's UV absorptions: oceanic or exogenic origins?Trumbo, Samantha 80
3017136Photometry of a Young Planetary-Mass Companion to a Taurus M Dwarf StarGaidos, Eric 60
3017134Testing the Limits of Mass Transfer Stability With A Post-Mass-Transfer Binary In M67Leiner, Emily 100
3017132The First Early FUV Observations of a Type IIP SupernovaBostroem, Kyra Azalee80
3017129Hot stars in the stellar evolution laboratory IZw18Oestlin, Goeran 280
3017128Reducing Type Ia Supernova Distance Biases by Separating Reddening and Intrinsic ColorFoley, Ryan 1350
3017127Testing models of accretion onto the Young Planetary System PDS 70Aoyama, Yuhiko 80
3017125Sharpening our High-z Toolset: Spatially Resolving UV Emission Line Diagnostics Throughout Pristine GasJames, Bethan Lesley370
3017124High Resolution Spectroscopic Mapping of Mass Loss in Luminous Blue VariablesBruhweiler, Frederick C.130
3017123Characterizing four massive post-interaction binaries with HST/COSGoetberg, Ylva 90
3017122Testing Planetary Formation Mechanisms through the First FUV - Optical Spectrum of a Young, Accreting PlanetRobinson, Connor 90
3017121Probing the Gas in and around Local Galaxies Mapped with Integral Field SpectroscopyKulkarni, Varsha Purushottam500
3017120Are all massive Kuiper belt objects built the same?Melis, Carl 50
3017118Taming the BEAST of N66 to resolve how star formation shapes the interstellar medium at low metallicityMurray, Claire E.120
3017116The Hot Multi-Temperature Gaseous Halos of Galaxies and GroupsBregman, Joel N.300
3017115The Circumgalactic Medium of Dwarf Galaxy PairsBowen, David V.960
3017113Simultaneous detection of Mg, C and O to trace dust and ices in exocomets of the young system HD172555Lecavelier des Etangs, Alain 160
3017112A Treasury FUV Survey of the Hottest White DwarfsReindl, Nicole 1300
3017111The winds of massive stars at the peak of the star formation history of the UniverseGarcia, Miriam 300
3017109Lyman continuum leakage in z~0.3 - 0.4 dwarf compact star-forming galaxies with very low metallicitiesIzotov, Yuri I.340
3017106A Novel View of Local Star-Forming Galaxies With COSLeitherer, Claus 420
3017105Monitoring the Evolving Winds in the Active Galaxy Mrk 817Kriss, Gerard A.180
3017104Repeated Stellar Wind Line Variability in O Stars in the SMCRickard, Matthew J150
3017102Anchoring CNO with an Extremely Metal Deficient GalaxyBerg, Danielle 160
3017100UV spectra of the most metal-deficient galaxiesIzotov, Yuri I.330
3017099Ganymede's water atmosphere in eclipseRoth, Lorenz 70
3017096Linking the UV Bump with PAHs in Low Metallicity Starburst II Zw 40Lai, Thomas 50
3017095The Missing Link in Massive Binary Star EvolutionWang, Luqian 150
3017094Constraining the mass loss in evaporating planets by catching the second tailSpake, Jessica 150
3017093A Systematic Search for Wind-CGM Interactions in Star-forming GalaxiesBorthakur, Sanchayeeta 800
3017089Characterizing Primitive AsteroidsHendrix, Amanda R.60
3017082Measuring the refractory and volatile content of a dynamically distinct ultrahot JupiterChachan, Yayaati 220
3017078A multi-wavelength view of interstellar dustZeegers, Sascha 210
3017076The C IV in L* galaxies (CIViL*) survey -- Pinpointing the physical conditions and evolutionary stages of gaseous halosBerg, Trystyn 520
3017075Characterization of internal chemical spread in outer halo globular clustersLagioia, Edoardo Prospero620
3017074Smoking guns in massive binary evolution: The hunt for Black Holes and Stripped StarsRamachandran, Varsha 40
3017072From atomic physics to stellar evolution: decoding the heavy-metal subdwarfs with HSTDorsch, Matti 80
3017071The Ionizing EUV Continua of Quasars: Minding the GapShull, J. Michael260
3017069The Lyman-alpha and Continuum Origins Survey (LaCOS)Hayes, Matthew James1190
3017068Young Stars and Gas Structure within the ALMA Coverage of Dwarf Irregular Galaxy WLMArcher, Haylee Nichole100
3017066Unprecedented Light Element Abundances: Planetary Crusts or Icy Moons?Klein, Beth L.40
2916778, 16796, 16797, 16798, 16799, 16800, 16801The Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Southern Treasury (PHAST)Williams, Benjamin F.1950
2916777Deciphering the Formation History of Omega Cen with a Comprehensive Stellar Kinematic and Population DatasetSeth, Anil C.180
2916775, 17001The Last Gasp of the TDE WindMaksym, Walter Peter840
2916774Disk, wind, and jet coupling in a black hole X-ray transient in outburst with HST and JWSTHynes, Robert I.30
2916770The return of Rosetta's comet 67P/Churyumov-GerasimenkoBodewits, Dennis 40
2916769The Missing Piece of the IC 10 X-1 Puzzle: What is the Mass of the Black Hole?Binder, Breanna 100
2916767A Family Portrait of the O Stars in the Extremely Metal-Poor Galaxy Sextans ATelford, Grace 320
2916765Is the supermassive black hole binary candidate J0950+5128 actually a single perturbed accretion disk?Runnoe, Jessie Caye50
2916764The Stars Like Dust: Inferring a Probabilistic Extinction Law from STIS UV Spectroscopy of the Cosmic Flux StandardsNarayan, Gautham 340
2916755From Supernova Progenitors to Ionizing Radiation - HST/COS Spectroscopy of Stripped Helium StarsDrout, Maria 170
2916753The radius and magnetic field structure of the smallest white dwarfCaiazzo, Ilaria 100
2916752The composition of exoplanetary bodies - as probed in accreting white dwarfs with gaseous emissionRogers, Laura 70
2916751Spatial and Temporal Variations in the Physical Conditions of Clouds Shocked by the Vela Supernova RemnantRitchey, Adam M.120
2916750Inhomogeneities and pristine gas infall in the ISMRamburuth-Hurt, Tanita 150
2916747FUV-Optical Spectroscopic Mapping of the PDRs in NGC7023 and The HorseheadMisselt, Karl 470
2916745Classical Novae: Galactic lithium factories?Izzo, Luca 200
2916739First measurement of the super-massive black hole mass using strong gravitational lensingChilingarian, Igor 40
2916736A Comparative Study of Planetary Atmospheres in Low-Metallicity EnvironmentsSing, David K.270
2916734Calibrating local estimators for the escape fraction of ionizing radiation 2.7Gyrs after the Big BangScarlata, Claudia 460
2916733Mapping the escape of Ly alpha and ionizing photons from an extreme emission-line lensed galaxyRigby, Jane R.100
2916731Leveraging High Radial Velocities to Get to the Core of Planetary Lyman-alpha TransitsLoyd, R. O. Parke120
2916730Connecting the Smoke to the Fire: Mapping Andromeda's Inner Circumgalactic MediumLehner, Nicolas 1370
2916728Physical diagnostics of AGN feedback from the first spatially resolved UV spectra of a jet-driven AGN outflowJohnson, Sean 40
2916727A Propeller Driven by Spin-Down Energy in the Intermediate Polar FO AquariiGarnavich, Peter M.50
2916726, 16998A comparative study of atmospheric escape in the brightest system of super-earths straddling the evaporation valleyEhrenreich, David 400
2916724Hydrodynamic atmospheric escape in a benchmark ultra-hot JupiterDos Santos, Leonardo 100
2916723Resolving the dichotomy of atmospheric escape in the young planet DS Tuc A bDos Santos, Leonardo 100
2916722An HST exclusive look at two rising stars: high-energy spectra of the two closest M dwarfs to host transiting terrestrial exoplanetsDiamond-Lowe, Hannah 150
2916719Characterization of Unforeseen Chromospheres in Isolated White DwarfsWalters, Nikolay 120
2916717UV spectroscopy of a serendipitously-detected He star in Leo A: an unprecendented glimpse of binary mass transfer at extremely low metallicitySenchyna, Peter 80
2916714HST Spectroscopy of a Fast-Rising Luminous Ultraviolet TransientPerley, Daniel 60
2916709Probing Massive Shell Eruptions of Superluminous Supernovae in the UVLunnan, Ragnhild 180
2916706This is NUTS! A Narrow-field Ultraviolet Transient SurveyGezari, Suvi 340
2916705Shedding light on light echoes: mapping the accretion disk and broad line region in Mrk 279Chelouche, Doron 500
2916704Are the surfaces of the large moons of Uranus modified by charged particle bombardment?Cartwright, Richard 160
2916703Unveiling Multiphase Accretion Flows in a Sample of Truly Edge-on GalaxiesBurchett, Joseph Neil540
2916701Essential Ultraviolet Stellar Characterization for Cycle 1 JWST Transiting Planet TargetsYoungblood, Allison 1100
2916700Transit Spectroscopy in the Lyman alpha Line Core with a High Velocity Star: A New Window into Atmospheric EscapeYoungblood, Allison 50
2916699Constraining the emergent EUV ionizing emission in the reawakening monster in Mrk 590Vestergaard, Marianne 40
2916698The Impact of Radio-Mode Feedback on the Circumgalactic Medium of Centaurus AVeilleux, Sylvain 250
2916697Establishing the C/O gas-phase abundance scale: a critical need for galaxy evolution studies from z=0 into the epoch of reionizationSanders, Ryan 180
2916696A dormant black hole or a stripped Helium star in a massive binary systemSana, Hugues 80
2916695Cloudy mornings and clear afternoons: mapping atmospheric dynamics at the limbs of an exceptional hot SaturnRustamkulov, Zafar 230
2916694Confirming the first outbursting AM CVn in a globular clusterRivera Sandoval, Liliana 80
2916692[CII], a High-z Diagnostic Diamond in the RoughJames, Bethan Lesley120
2916690Measuring the Effect of Progenitor Metallicity on Type Ia Supernova Distance EstimatesFoley, Ryan 120
2916689Using STIS ultraviolet spectroscopy to understand the physical properties, evolution, and structure of white dwarfs in sixteen newly discovered ultracompact binaries.Burdge, Kevin 550
2916688Towards a 1% local determination of the Hubble constant: quantifying stellar association bias in the distance scale anchor galaxy NGC4258Anderson, Richard I40
2916685Low Mass Evaporating Planets: A Search for the Star-Planet Interaction in Kepler-535Sahai, Raghvendra 50
2916680The Circumgalactic Medium of a Gas-Rich Ultra Diffuse GalaxyBowen, David V.70
2916679Mainly on the Plane: Solving the Milky Way CGM Anomaly with Low-Galactic-Latitude QSOsWerk, Jessica Kay710
2916678Far-UV spectroscopy of 22 early-type galaxies: testing for IMF variation and a legacy datasetvan Dokkum, Pieter 440
2916677Massive Stellar Populations at Reionization Metallicities: Anchoring Stellar Population Models for the JWST EraStark, Daniel P.540
2916675, 16989Observing Jupiter's FUV auroras during the Juno Extended MissionNichols, Jonathan David400
2916672Ly-alpha emission from the low-z most metal-deficient star-forming galaxiesIzotov, Yuri I.340
2916669Giant impacts on giant planetsde Pater, Imke 20
2916659, 16986Accreting white dwarfs as probes of compact binary evolutionPala, Anna Francesca1320
2916656Early-Time UV Spectroscopy of Stripped-Envelope Supernovae: A New Window, Cycle 29Filippenko, Alex V.170
2916655, 16984Betelgeuse: An Iconic and Surprising Red SupergiantDupree, Andrea 400
2916654A wide, red-giant plus non-interacting black hole binary, or triple stellar system?Bianchi, Luciana C.30
2916652Detecting Water on Metallic M-Type Asteroids in the Far-UVBecker, Tracy M50
2916650Connecting Galaxy Black Hole Mass with the State of the Circumgalactic MediumWerk, Jessica Kay550
2916649The final word on SN 2009ip: is it dead?Smith, Nathan 50
2916648Atmospheric Evolution and Loss of a Recently Discovered Low-Density Ultra-Short Period Super-EarthRedfield, Seth 90
2916647The HST probes the winds and feedback of metal poor OB stars in the tidally stripped Magellanic Bridge\Ramachandran, Varsha 80
2916646Exposing the Lyman-alpha Profiles of Low-Mass StarsPeacock, Sarah 220
2916645Spectral Imaging of O VI and Ly-alpha from a Giant Intragroup FilamentHowk, Jay Christopher240
2916644The ionizing output of galaxies undergoing the most extreme feedbackHayes, Matthew James140
2916643Mapping the escape of ionizing photons across the full ionizing continuum using high-resolution Lyman alpha and C IV observations.Gazagnes, Simon 340
2816318The First Measurement of the Distribution of Quasar Lifetimes with the HeII Proximity EffectWorseck, Gabor 320
2816316GULP: Galaxy UV Legacy ProjectSabbi, Elena 840
2816314Investigating extreme evolved planetary systems: The hottest white dwarf debris discManser, Christopher James10
2816313Tracking the Uranian magnetosphere between solstice and equinox and the inner rotation rate of the planetLamy, Laurent 90
2816304Digging deep into massive star variability: Do massive stars vary due to internal gravity waves or stellar winds?Chisholm, John 260
2816302Accretion Rates as a Diagnostic Tool for the Origin of Planetary-mass CompanionsWu, Ya-Lin 260
2816301The Circumgalactic Medium at the Lowest Mass EndPutman, Mary E.430
2816299The Nature of a Newly Discovered Wolf-Rayet Binary: Archetype of Stripping?Massey, Philip Louis20
2816297Catching radio-mode feedback in action with COS UV absorption spectroscopyLan, Ting-Wen 80
2816292Probing the Sources of Reionization: First Measurement of the Escape Fraction of Ionizing Photons in Dwarf Galaxies Fainter than Muv = -13Choi, Yumi 130
2816290UV Spectroscopy of PDS 70: A T Tauri Star Hosting a Newborn Planetary SystemSkinner, Stephen L.20
2816288What governs the physics of the warm-hot circumgalactic medium?Mathur, Smita 260
2816286The First Double Helium White Dwarf LISA Verification SourceKilic, Mukremin 40
2816285Linking dust extinction properties to depletion in the Milky WayDecleir, Marjorie 310
2816283Understanding the Extreme Population in the Globular Cluster NGC 6402 (M14): Breaking the Degeneracy of Cluster Formation ScenariosD'Antona, Francesca 1313
2816271A new window on the UV SED of star-forming galaxies: direct measurements of ionizing spectra in the Lyman continuumSchaerer, Daniel 300
2816270Heavy Metal Bands: A Study of Ions Escaping from the Hottest Jovian AtmospheresLothringer, Joshua D.200
2816265, 16789, 16996The ever-changing face of SN 1987ALarsson, Josefin 170
2816261Mrk 71: Prototype for Catastrophic Cooling in a Green Pea AnalogOey, Sally 250
2816260Tied up in Knots: The Spatially Resolved LyC Escape from Haro 11Oey, Sally 190
2816256A Sensitive Test for Far Ultraviolet CO absorption in the Outflow of our Nearest Supernova Progenitor - AntaresHarper, Graham M.230
2816255Pinpointing the Onset of Multiple Populations in Globular ClustersDalessandro, Emanuele 100
2816252, 16793TREASUREHUNT: Hubble's UV-Visible treasury imaging of the JWST NEP Time-Domain FieldJansen, Rolf A.5252
2816245Mapping Lyman alpha and ionization in the leakiest galaxiesOestlin, Goeran 340
2816244Blue Lurkers: Low-Mass Blue Stragglers and the Stability of Mass TransferMathieu, Robert D.170
2816242The Baryonic Content of Galaxies Mapped by MaNGA and Gas Flows Around ThemKulkarni, Varsha Purushottam330
2816240Pinning down multi-phase mixing of metals within star-forming galaxiesJames, Bethan Lesley150
2816238Measuring the Effect of Progenitor Metallicity on Type Ia Supernova Distance EstimatesFoley, Ryan 120
2816233Jets and disk scattering - Spatially resolved optical and FUV observations of AA TaudacSchneider, Christian 170
2816227Extremely Metal Poor Galaxies (XMPGs): A Search for the Lowest Metallicity Gas in Nearby GalaxiesBowen, David V.300
2816224Pathways to compact white dwarf binariesParsons, Steven Gary340
2816223Star-forming clumps in jellyfish galaxy tailsGullieuszik, Marco 300
2816222Extinction Mapping in Leo P: Resolving the Dust Properties of the Lowest-Metallicity ISM in the Local UniverseClark, Christopher 60
2816221, 16784Red or Reddened Supernovae? Understanding the Ultraviolet Differences of Normal Standard CandlesBrown, Peter J.420
2816219Exploring the origin of the M31-M33 filamentBarger, Kat A120
2816218Confirming the first double degenerates in globular clustersRivera Sandoval, Liliana 100
2816217Identifying Double White Dwarf Binaries in Globular ClustersRivera Sandoval, Liliana 99
2816213Extreme Star-Forming Galaxies: Local laboratories to constrain models of ionizing sources in the reionization epochRavindranath, Swara 200
2816212HST Spectroscopy of a Fast-Rising Luminous Ultraviolet TransientPerley, Daniel 60
2816211A systematic study of auroral processes at GanymedeMolyneux, Pippa 120
2816209Highly ionized gas in extreme starburst galaxies: high resolution He II and (the first) C IV emission imagingHayes, Matthew James170
2816208, 16783Improved Masses for Critical Cepheid BinariesEvans, Nancy Remage120
2816207Photochemistry in TESS's first habitable zone terrestrial planet, TOI-700 dArney, Giada Nicole160
2816204A New Method to Measure the Chemical Compositions of Extrasolar PlanetesimalsXu, Siyi 160
2816199Exploiting the fortunate Jupiter transit geometry to probe Ganymede's and Callisto's atmospheresRoth, Lorenz 40
2816197Chromosopheric and Coronal Activity in the Lowest-Mass StarsPineda, John Sebastian330
2816196Mapping Gas Flows in AGNs by ReverberationKriss, Gerard A.1980
2816195A Tail of Two Giants: Observing Saturn's FUV auroras in Jupiter's magnetotail in 2020Nichols, Jonathan David160
2816193Building connections: Juno and STIS contemporaneous observations of Jupiter's magnetosphere and aurorasBonfond, Bertrand 50
2816190Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Extreme Standard CandlesBrown, Peter J.620
2816189UV Spectroscopic Signatures from Type Ia Supernovae Strongly Interacting with a Circumstellar MediumFox, Ori Dosovitz150
2816188Calibration of Scattered Light in STIS grating G230LBWorthey, Guy 60
2816182Catching wind with the HST: novel UV spectroscopy of a bona fide ultraluminous X-ray sourceOskinova, Lidia 170
2816181Exploring the Demographics of Exo-Neptunes: Atmospheric Characterization of a Cool Sub-Neptune from TESSKreidberg, Laura 170
2816178Early-Time UV Spectroscopy of Stripped-Envelope Supernovae: A New WindowFilippenko, Alex V.170
2816175Can Very Massive Stars form at the low-metallicity threshold of the nearby Universe?Wofford, Aida 80
2816173Hyperfine Temporal & Spatial Resolution of Stellar Ages amid Quasar-Driven gas flows: Unifying HST with MUSE and ALMATremblay, Grant R.330
2816172The disappearing LBV in the low metallicity galaxy PHL293B: Collapse to a black hole?Smith, Nathan 30
2816171Understanding the offset in the broad-line region size-luminosity relation with UV spectroscopyShen, Yue 250
2816170Wolf-Rayet stars in the outskirts of M33: unveiling helium-star evolution and feedback at subsolar metallicitySander, Andreas 200
2816169The biological potential of other worlds: comparing the phosphorus content of wet and dry exoplanetary crustsMelis, Carl 60
2816166MUSCLES Extension for Atmospheric Transmission Spectroscopy: Essential Ultraviolet Stellar Characterization for Guaranteed JWST Transiting Planet TargetsFrance, Kevin 570
2816165Towards a Comprehensive Search for Surviving Companions to Stripped-Envelope SupernovaeFox, Ori Dosovitz140
2816164Measuring mass loss via metal lines from the very young planet AU Mic bCauley, Paul Wilson150
2816163Planetary mass loss and the high-energy spectrum of V1298 TauCauley, Paul Wilson170
2715976Constraining Water Loss from MarsMayyasi, Majd A110
2715970Recalibrating SMBH Scaling Relations with Ultraviolet SEDs of Reverberation-Mapped AGNGrier, Catherine J130
2715967Constraining the Stellar Astrophysics Powering Cosmic Reionization: Spectral Templates of Extremely Low-metallicity Main-sequence O-starsChisholm, John 490
2715966What lurks below the Lyman-Limit? Uncovering the unseen ionizing continuum of massive starsChisholm, John 270
2715957Imaging the Size of a Quasar BALR with Synthesized HST-ACS-SBC Narrow PassbandsTurnshek, David A.30
2715955The K Dwarf Advantage: Assessing the Habitability of Planets Orbiting K StarsRichey-Yowell, Tyler 730
2715954The first pulsating white dwarf in an eclipsing binaryParsons, Steven Gary50
2715951Testing r-process nucleosynthesis models with two r-process enhanced starsHansen, Terese T.170
2715949Lyman Continuum Escape in High DefinitionGladders, Michael D.420
2715948Make STIS Great Again!Ayres, Thomas R.60
2715946Towards a 1% local determination of the Hubble constant: quantifying stellar association bias in the supernova-host galaxy M101Anderson, Richard I40
2715941UV emission line spectra of z~0.3-0.4 Lyman continuum emitters a key reference to uncover the sources of cosmic reionizationSchaerer, Daniel 420
2715936, 16278Flashlights: Many Extremely Magnified Individual Stars as Probes of Dark Matter and Stellar Populations to Redshift z~2Kelly, Patrick 192192
2715935UV diagnostics as barometers for galactic scale AGN outflowsJohnson, Sean 210
2715934Far-ultraviolet exploration of nearby young exoplanet-hosting starsDos Santos, Leonardo 20
2715925Complete spectral maps of the Galilean satellites from 200-1000nm: salts, radiolytic cycles, and O2 productionBrown, Michael E240
2715921Uncovering Extremely Metal-Poor Massive Stars in Leo ASenchyna, Peter 160
2715918Accurate physical parameters of an orphan runaway white dwarfRaddi, Roberto 30
2715916Exocometary gas inventories at the epoch of volatile deliveryMatra, Luca 240
2715915AGN Feedback in Dwarf GalaxiesLiu, Weizhe 170
2715914Searching for white dwarfs orbiting BSSs: the fossil evidence of the mass transfer formation processLanzoni, Barbara 160
2715904Spatially Resolving the Winds of Red Giant StarsWood, Brian Erland80
2715903Imaging a Nearby Red Giant AstrosphereWood, Brian Erland30
2715899Late-time UV spectroscopy of Tidal Disruption Events with HSTHung, Tzu-Yu 110
2715898Planetary Pollution from the Habitable Zone of a White DwarfFarihi, Jay 40
2715897ZTF J1539+5027: the Shortest Period Eclipsing White Dwarf BinaryBurdge, Kevin 100
2715896Escaping Ionizing Radiation in Compact Star-Forming Galaxies: Probing Higher-Mass SystemsBrunker, Samantha Wallis250
2715891, 16235, 16786Scylla: a pure-parallel, multi-headed attack on dust evolution and star formation in ULLYSES galaxiesMurray, Claire E.0500
2715890Supermassive Black Hole Winds in X-rays (SUBWAYS): Building the HST Line with FUV SpectroscopyKriss, Gerard A.270
2715887The Nature and Origin of Compact High-Velocity CloudsFox, Andrew J.330
2715885Skewered: A Census of the Circumgalactic Medium of NGC 4565 from 13 QSO Sightlines Within its Virial RadiusBowen, David V.240
2715881Ultra-Deep HST/COS Spectroscopy of Extremely Metal-Poor GalaxiesStark, Daniel P.100
2715880METAL-Z: Metal Evolution, Transport, and Abundance at Low Metallicity (Z)Roman-Duval, Julia Christine770
2715878Uncovering the birthplace of FRBsProchaska, Jason X.60
2715877A Complete Inventory of the Fireworks Galaxy's O-Type StarsLevesque, Emily 4242
2715876Ultra-Rapid UV Spectroscopy of an Interacting Supernova Discovered by TESSFoley, Ryan 190
2715872Understanding an Extreme QSO: The Curious Case of SDSS 0956+5128Steinhardt, Charles Louis30
2715871UV properties of the first known surviving companions of Type Ia supernovaeShen, Ken 60
2715870Search for UV aurora from the Brown Dwarf 2MASS J1237+6526Saur, Joachim 50
2715869The Galactic Abundance Gradient for the Fe Group Elements in Early B StarsPeters, Geraldine J.260
2715868Constraining the UV-absorbing material on Jupiter's icy moons through comparative reflectance spectroscopyMolyneux, Pippa 40
2715866The Angular Momentum of the Warm-Hot Circumgalactic MediumHo, Stephanie H.250
2715865Mg II Emission: A new Tracer for Lyman Alpha and Lyman ContinuumHenry, Alaina L.190
2715864Is the Type Ic supernova progenitor WS35 a white dwarf merger product?Graefener, Goetz 100
2715861Cepheid Masses: STIS and Gaia Discovery SpaceEvans, Nancy Remage100
2715859Traveling across the valley: comparative exoplanetology in the GJ 9827 systemBourrier, Vincent 100
2715857Internal Kinematics of Outer Fields in Globular Clusters: The Last Piece of the Multi-Population PuzzleBellini, Andrea 3926
2715854A Comprehensive UV Study of the White Dwarf with A Disintegrating AsteroidXu, Siyi 90
2715852Testing IMF variation in elliptical galaxies using chromospheric activity of M dwarfsvan Dokkum, Pieter 80
2715850An accurate age for the enigmatic galaxy NGC1052-DF2van Dokkum, Pieter 30
2715848Confirming the Europa torusRoth, Lorenz 80
2715845Deciphering Cosmic Reionization with Mg II Emission: Uncovering the most Promising Tracer of LyC Escape for JWSTIzotov, Yuri I.300
2715840The COS Legacy Archive Spectroscopic SurveY (CLASSY): A UV Treasury of Star-Forming GalaxiesBerg, Danielle 1330
2715839Mapping the distribution of the planetary debris accreted across the surface of the white dwarf G29-38Toloza Castillo, Odette Fabiola350
2715838How hot is the inside of a young planet?Spake, Jessica 160
2715837The HST follows galactic influencers: a COS UV survey of the most massive O-stars in the SMCOskinova, Lidia 180
2715835Near-Ultraviolet Follow-up of the X-ray-detected Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium Toward 1ES 1553+113Muzahid, Sowgat 40
2715834UV Spectroscopic Signatures from Type Ibn Supernovae Strongly Interacting with a Circumstellar MediumFox, Ori Dosovitz60
2715833Recurrent Nova M31N 2008-12a: Neon and Jets - Determining the ultimate fate of a Chandrasekhar mass white dwarfDarnley, Matthew James170
2715828Essential observations of the stellar and nebular He II emission in two extreme metal-poor starbursts.Wofford, Aida 60
2715826COS-SAGA: The Circumgalactic Medium of Nearby Milky Way Analogs and their SatellitesTollerud, Erik 190
2715825The evolving magnetic lives of young SunsSoderblom, David R.100
2715824UV spectroscopy of He stars: the elusive stripped-envelope supernova progenitorsSmith, Nathan 100
2715823Proper Motions and UV Spectroscopy of the MgII nebula around Eta CarinaeSmith, Nathan 60
2715822Anchoring mass-loss and metallicity for the WR population in M31 - A prototype studySander, Andreas 150
2715817The chemical diversity of planetary coresMelis, Carl 20
2715812, 16176\`\`Last Call!'' Eta Carinae's Spectroscopic Event in 2020Davidson, Kris 100
2615662Galactic Winds across the Gas-Rich Merger SequenceVeilleux, Sylvain 500
2615660Testing M Dwarf Mass Loss Across the Fully Convective BoundaryJohns-Krull, Christopher Michael500
2615659The Missing Link in Massive Binary Star EvolutionGies, Douglas Russell390
2615657HD 222925: A unique opportunity to study the full range of nuclei produced by a single r-process eventRoederer, Ian U.470
2615656QuaStar: The first unobscured view of the Milky Way's Circumgalactic MediumPeek, Joshua 730
2615655The first high resolution view of the full extent, morphology, and multi-phase nature of radio-loud and quiet AGN feedback with ACS+SBCJohnson, Sean 390
2615654PHANGS-HST: Linking Stars and Gas throughout the Scales of Star FormationLee, Janice 1220
2615651The Origin and Impact of Flares in the Closest Planetary System- Proxima CentauriMacGregor, Meredith 440
2615650Ultraviolet Echoes of Quasar Accretion DisksHomayouni, Yasaman 400
2615649Clusters, Clumps, Dust and Gas in Extreme Star-Forming GalaxiesChandar, Rupali 380
2615647Ultraviolet Imaging of the Cosmic Assembly Near-infrared Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey Fields (UVCANDELS)Teplitz, Harry 1640
2615646Massive Stellar Populations at Reionization-Era Metallicities with Ultra-Deep HST/COS SpectroscopyStark, Daniel P.400
2615643The Cosmic Evolution of Circumgalactic Gas and Lyman alpha HalosHayes, Matthew James550
2615641, 15873, 16216Focus on BetelgeuseDupree, Andrea 360
2615639Lyman continuum leakage in z~0.3 - 0.4 dwarf compact star-forming galaxies with stellar masses < 1.e8 MsunIzotov, Yuri I.450
2615638Auroral and magnetospheric context for Juno in situ instruments during Cycle 26Grodent, Denis C540
2615636What is on the black hole menu? Joint HST/COS and XMM/EPIC spectroscopy of the X-ray binary M33 X-7.Oskinova, Lidia 120
2615629MAssivE STaR Outflows (MAESTRO)Mahy, Laurent 420
2615627CLUES to galaxy evolution: young star clusters as engines of galactic feedbackAdamo, Angela 600
2615626The Low-Redshift Lyman Continuum SurveyJaskot, Anne 1340
2615625Composition and physical processes of the inner coma of Comet 46P/WirtanenBodewits, Dennis 360
2515356Probing HeII Reionization at z>3.5 with Resolved HeII Lyman Alpha Forest SpectraWorseck, Gabor 410
2515355, 15518Perfect Blackbody Spectra for JWST and Next Generation UV-Opt-IR Standard Star NetworkSuzuki, Nao 280
2515352Lyman alpha and ISM Tomography of Haro 11Oestlin, Goeran 120
2515351, 15517Continued Long-Term Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of a Tidal Disruption Event at only 90 MpcMaksym, Walter Peter160
2515341Testing a New Method for Finding Leaky Galaxies: Implications for the Epoch of ReionizationHeckman, Timothy M.130
2515340The HST-pNFL program: Mapping the Fluorescent Emission of Galactic OutflowsHeckman, Timothy M.200
2515339Properties of the Galactic Nuclear Wind at Low LatitudesFox, Andrew J.220
2515338NUV Transit Spectroscopy of HD189733b: Measuring the Mass-loss and Ionization State of a Prototypical Escaping AtmosphereFossati, Luca 150
2515335What is the metallicity of the cool ISM in our own Galaxy?De Cia, Annalisa 260
2515331Multi-Wavelength Spectroscopy of Tidal Disruption Flares: A Legacy Sample for the LSST EraCenko, Stephen Bradley700
2515326Characterizing the Winds of M Dwarf StarsWood, Brian Erland360
2515324Imaging the Lenses in the Quintuple Gravitational Lens PMN J0134-0931Wiklind, Tommy 30
2515321Direct Constraints on the Temperature and Ionization of Low-Redshift O VI Absorbers from Ultra-High Resolution Spectroscopy of H1821+643Tripp, Todd M.140
2515316Unveiling the mysterious nature of the cataclysmic variable SDSS J153817.35+5123238.0Pala, Anna Francesca30
2515313The AGN Impact on the Circumgalactic Medium of Cen ALehner, Nicolas 290
2515312Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Monitoring of a Tidal Disruption EventdKochanek, Chris S.220
2515310A Survey for Molecular Hydrogen Emission Around Stars Forming Terrestrial PlanetsJohns-Krull, Christopher Michael300
2515309Does the Relativistic X-Ray Outflow Quasar PDS 456 Have the Fastest-Ever UV BAL at ~0.3c?Hamann, Fred 60
2515305The Secret Lives of Cepheids: Completing the Picture with HST-COS Observations of the Nearest Classical Cepheids, Polaris and delta CepheiEngle, Scott G.80
2515304Collecting the Puzzle Pieces: Completing HST's UV+NIR Survey of the TRAPPIST-1 System ahead of JWSTde Wit, Julien 1140
2515300Ecliptic-poles Stellar Survey (EclipSS)Ayres, Thomas R.490
2515299, 15512Weaving the history of the solar wind with magnetic field linesAlvarado Gomez, Julian David150
2515298The first high resolution image of coronal gas in a starbursting cool core clusterJohnson, Sean 150
2515293Pinpointing the cosmic web between massive galaxy clustersTejos, Nicolas 670
2515290Spectacular optical filaments in the X-ray brightest group cool coreSun, Ming 50
2515289Imaging Shock Fronts in the Outer Ejecta of Eta CarinaeSmith, Nathan 20
2515288How small and how high? Enabling UV exoplanet cloud and exosphere science with WFC3/UVISSing, David K.100
2515286Unobstructed Observations of the Intrinsic Lyman-alpha Emission of Low-mass StarsSchneider, Adam 140
2515285Instabilities and Turbulence in a Cygnus Loop Shock FrontRaymond, John Charles156
2515284Constraining the binary properties of 2M1938+4603 with irradiated stellar atmospheresNemeth, Peter 30
2515280Spatially resolved rest-UV spectroscopy of a prototypical quasar driven superwind at low-zJohnson, Sean 50
2515278UV-Visible Imaging of the JWST NEP Time-Domain Field: the *best* extragalactic survey field *always* accessible to JWSTJansen, Rolf A.3636
2515275Securing HST's UV Legacy in the Local Volume: Probing Star Formation and the Interstellar Medium in Low Mass GalaxiesGilbert, Karoline 5858
2515271Can Low-Luminosity Galaxies Reionize the Universe?Ferguson, Harry C.390
2515269Boron in Hyades F Dwarfs - Tracing Deep Into the Li-Be GapCummings, Jeffrey 260
2515268A First Investigation of the UV Extinction Properties of Interstellar Dust in M33Clayton, Geoffrey C.160
2515264The M Dwarf UV Spectra Irradiating Nearby Transiting Terrestrial PlanetsBerta-Thompson, Zach K.200
2515260Ultraviolet Echoes of Quasar Accretion DisksTrump, Jonathan R320
2515259, 15504UV Spectroscopy of Lucy Mission TargetsThomas, Cristina A.50
2515250Resolving the Multiphase ISM of an Elliptical Galaxy at z~0.4Zahedy, Fakhri S110
2515249An observational test of the dynamical instability hypothesis in the Solar SystemWong, Ian 70
2515247Low redshift Lyman-alpha blobsSchirmer, Mischa 60
2515245The Co-Evolution of Star Formation and Powerful Radio Activity in Galaxies During Radio-Mode FeedbackO'Dea, Christopher P.140
2515239Searching for the UV counterpart of the extraordinary X-ray UFO in the NLSy1 IRAS17020+4544Krongold, Yair 90
2515236The mystery of a supposed massive star exploding in a brightest cluster galaxyHosseinzadeh, Griffin 50
2515234Collecting the Missing Piece of the Puzzle: The Wind Temperatures of Arcturus (K2 III) and Aldeberan (K5 III)Harper, Graham M.100
2515227Finding the missing metals around the Universe's most prodigious pollutersBurchett, Joseph Neil500
2515220Stars and gas in the most metal-deficient galaxies in the Universe.Wofford, Aida 90
2515210The extremes of protostellar jets: Resolving the hot jet of Sz 102Schneider, Christian 50
2515206Origin of the high velocity gas in NGC 6231Massa, Derck L.120
2515204Testing our scenario of a failed wind for TW HyaGuenther, Hans Moritz70
2515203First exploration of a single thermal interface between the two dominant phases of the interstellar mediumGry, Cecile 40
2515198UV Observation of a QSO Sightline Intersecting an X-ray Identified Filament of the Cosmic WebConnor, Thomas 50
2515196How Do Inflows and Outflows from Galaxies Create Their Inner Circumgalactic Medium?Bowen, David V.9114
2515195The Baryon Reservoirs in Ultra Diffuse Galaxies (UDGs)Bowen, David V.230
2515194The Epoch of the First Star Formation in the Closest Metal-Poor Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxy UGC 4483Aloisi, Alessandra 1818
2515193Addressing Ionization and Depletion in the ISM of Nearby Star-Forming GalaxiesAloisi, Alessandra 220
2515190Measuring the Intrinsic Lyman-alpha Profiles of High-Velocity G, K, and M dwarfsYoungblood, Allison 150
2515189Post Common Envelope Binaries as probes of M dwarf stellar wind and habitable zone radiation environmentsWilson, David John120
2515186Enabling HST UV Exploration of the Low Surface Brightness Universe: A Pilot Study with the WFC3 X Filter SetThilker, David 170
2515185Extreme Wolf-Rayet Galaxies with HST/COS: Understanding CIII] Emission in the Reionization EraStark, Daniel P.140
2515184The SN Ia Candidate T Pyxidis: Is The Accretion Rate Declining?Sion, Edward M.20
2515180ELGs in Absorption: Tracing the Cosmic Baryon Cycle from Noon til DuskProchaska, Jason X.670
2515179Astrophysics Meets Atomic Physics: Fe I Line Identifications and Templates for Old Stellar Populations from Warm and Hot Stellar UV SpectraPeterson, Ruth C.520
2515174Investigating an SPI and Measuring Baseline FUV Variability in the GJ 436 Hot-Neptune SystemLoyd, R. O. Parke80
2515173Linking Dynamical and Stellar Evolution in the Metal-Poor Globular Cluster M92Kalirai, Jason 55
2515168The Nature of the Star-Grazing Bodies in a System at the Age of the Late Heavy BombardmentGrady, Carol A.130
2515167Unmasking the Dark Side of IapetusFrench, Richard G.60
2515165Connecting mass accretion and ejection in pre-main sequence starsEspaillat, Catherine 60
2515164Ultraviolet spectroscopy of the dust extinction in the M31 inner bulgeDong, Hui 100
2515163COS Ultraviolet Baryon Survey (CUBS)Chen, Hsiao-Wen 169145
2515161The fate of infalling gas during its final approach onto the Milky Way diskBarger, Kat A70
2515156Mapping Gas Flows from the Disk to the Circumgalactic MediumZheng, Yong 320
2515155, 15494Actively Disintegrating Astroids around a White DwarfXu, Siyi 240
2515154Tracing Gas Flows from Halo to Disk: Observing the Milky Way's Galactic FountainWerk, Jessica Kay170
2515147Extreme Doppler Shifting of Io's Neutral JetsSchmidt, Carl 20
2515139Metals from deep atmosphere to exosphere in hot-JupitersLecavelier des Etangs, Alain 200
2515136Lyman alpha emission in nearby star-forming galaxies with the lowest metallicities and the highest [OIII]/[OII] ratiosIzotov, Yuri I.220
2515128Inner Disk Structure and Transport Mechanisms in the Transitional Disk around T ChaBrown, Alexander 150
2515127Search for an evaporating ocean on the super-Earth HIP 116454bBourrier, Vincent 150
2515126Resolving the Abundance Discrepancy with HST/COSBerg, Danielle 130
2515125Galactic fireworks: detecting young stars formed in galactic outflowsBelfiore, Francesco 80
2515124Measuring the Accretion Disk Size in Mrk 509 using Continuum Reverberation MappingBarth, Aaron J.20
2515123Probing the accretion flow and emission-line regions of M81, the nearest broad-lined low-luminosity AGNBarth, Aaron J.80
2515116Very Massive Stars in the Local UniverseSmith, Linda J.100
2515114Star cluster formation in extreme environments: an isolated pair of closely interacting dwarf galaxiesSanchez-Janssen, Ruben 50
2515112The low-metallicity starburst NGC346: massive-star population and feedbackOskinova, Lidia 50
2515111The UV reflectance of Patroclus: Exploring the surface composition and origins of Jupiter TrojansMolyneux, Pippa 60
2515110A Study of the UV Environment for Three Small Planets Transiting a Nearby M-DwarfKreidberg, Laura 60
2515106The UV attenuation in JWST target VV 191Holwerda, Benne Willem100
2515105Dusty Dwarfs Galaxies Occulting A Bright Background SpiralHolwerda, Benne Willem120
2515104Probing CO-dark Gas within the Planck Galactic Cold ClumpsDirks, Cody Lee100
2515099Do galactic outflows shape the stellar mass-metallicity relationship?Chisholm, John 240
2515098Calibrating ACS-SBC Using STIS at Lyman Alpha (121.567 nm)Bhattacharyya, Dolon 20
2515097Imaging the Extended Hot Hydrogen Exosphere at Mars to Determine the Water Escape RateBhattacharyya, Dolon 50
2515095Constraining the Surface Composition of Europa with Spatially Resolved Mid-UV SpectraBecker, Tracy M40
2515094Stellar Occultation by Saturn's Rings in the UVBecker, Tracy M50
2515093Dwarfs and Giants: Massive Stars in Little Dwarf GalaxiesAndrews, Jennifer 180
2515092Testing Dust Models at Moderate Redshift: Is the z=0.437 DLA toward 3C 196 Rich in Carbonaceous Dust?Aller, Monique C60
2515090A UV spectroscopic survey of periodic M dwarfs in the HyadesAgueros, Marcel 350
2515088CIII]1909 imaging of three local starburstsMicheva, Genoveva 110
2515087Star Cluster Populations of Interacting Dwarf GalaxiesStierwalt, Sabrina 200
2515086Age and mass of the star cluster around the intermediate-mass black hole HLX-1Soria, Roberto 70
2515084Hot Photons: Measuring the Ionizing Continuum and EUV Emission Lines of QuasarsShull, J. Michael210
2515080Is SDSSJ195750.83+340404.4 accreting a planetary core?Melis, Carl 20
2515075The CGM of Massive Galaxies: Where Cold Gas Goes to Die?Howk, Jay Christopher450
2515072The classical nova hibernation scenario: a definitive confirmationGaensicke, Boris T.50
2515071The Mega-MUSCLES Treasury Survey: Measurements of the Ultraviolet Spectral Characteristics of Low-mass Exoplanetary SystemsFroning, Cynthia Suzanne1570
2515070An HST Spectroscopic Study of Protoplanetary Disk Abundances: CO/H2 Conversion Factors and Absolute Abundances for JWSTFrance, Kevin 420
2515068A Detailed Study of Rocky Planetary Material in the HyadesFarihi, Jay 110
2515067Eta Carinae's Change of State: The End GameDavidson, Kris 40
2515066Mapping the structure and kinematics of NGC 1624-2's giant magnetosphereDavid-Uraz, Alexandre 80
2414809An Accurate Measurement of the IGM HeII Lyman Alpha Forest toward a Newly Discovered UV-bright Quasar at z>3.5Worseck, Gabor 40
2414806SAFE: Star clusters, lyman Alpha and Feedback in Eso338-04Oestlin, Goeran 180
2414799Why the Different Looks of Changing-Look Quasars?Eracleous, Michael 130
2414795Observing an artificial meteor: Cassini's entry into the atmosphere of SaturnCrary, Frank 10
2414794Planetary Nebulae in the Open Clusters of M31Bond, Howard E.60
2414791Assessing the dependency of the fine structure constant on gravity using hot DA white dwarfsBarstow, Martin 120
2414784HAZMAT: Habitable Zones and M dwarf Activity across TimeShkolnik, Evgenya L.1300
2414781Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Monitoring of an ASAS-SN Tidal Disruption EventKochanek, Chris S.220
2414778Hiding in Plain Sight: The Low Mass Helium Star Companion of EL CVnGies, Douglas Russell40
2414777Deciphering Quasar Outflows and Measuring their Contribution to AGN FeedbackArav, Nahum 400
2414772Observing gas in Cosmic Web filaments to constrain simulations of cosmic structure formationWakker, Bart P.680
2414768UV Signatures of Shock Interaction in an Eta Carinae AnalogSmith, Nathan 50
2414767The Panchromatic Comparative Exoplanetary Treasury ProgramSing, David K.4980
2414765The Unexplored Domains of the s-ProcessRoederer, Ian U.400
2414761Mapping the UV Extinction Properties of PHAT Stars in M31Clayton, Geoffrey C.300
2414759What Happens in the Atmospheres of Hot Horizontal Branch Stars Near 20, 000K?Brown, Thomas M.60
2414757Hydrogen Escape from a Rocky Earth-Size ExoplanetBerta-Thompson, Zach K.140
2414755Understanding Callisto's AtmosphereSpencer, John R.80
2414753Supernova 1987A at 30 yearsFransson, Claes 220
2414752Variability in the Escape of Water from MarsClarke, John T.100
2414751Resolving Fe-rich Neutral ISM in a Massive Quiescent Galaxy at z~0.4Zahedy, Fakhri S30
2414749Low redshift Lyman-alpha blobsSchirmer, Mischa 60
2414746Stellar Laboratories: High-precision Atomic Physics with STISRauch, Thomas 30
2414744A Definitive UV-Optical Template for Iron Emission in Active Galactic NucleiPark, Daeseong 130
2414738A Far Ultraviolet Study of Globular Clusters in NGC 3115Kundu, Arunav 160
2414737Unveiling the nature of the only main-sequence pulsar CU VirKrticka, Jiri 50
2414736Connecting Variability and Metals in White DwarfsKilic, Mukremin 40
2414735Observation of OH in Beta Pictoris exocometsKiefer, Flavien 30
2414731, 15251Si I and C I emission from zeta Aurigae (K4 Ib + B5 V): New Generation Diagnostics of Chromospheric StructureHarper, Graham M.30
2414729A New Twist in the Quasar Radio Dichotomy: The Case of the Missing OutflowsGanguly, Rajib 190
2414724Searching for a radio millisecond pulsar in a low-mass X-ray binaryDegenaar, Nathalie 40
2414722A Local Laboratory for Studying Positive Feedback from Supermassive Black HolesCroft, Steve 70
2414720Photometric Mapping of the Galactic Outflow in NGC 7552Chelouche, Doron 140
2414713Binarity and Accretion Activity in AGB Stars with Variable UV and X-Ray EmissionSahai, Raghvendra 80
2414712HST-COS Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of B[e] Supergiant Stars in the Magellanic CloudsSahai, Raghvendra 130
2414708Probing the circumgalactic medium of galaxies with deep observations.Mathur, Smita 250
2414703Measuring residual H2 gas from small to large gaps in protoplanetary disks: different pathways to planets?Banzatti, Andrea 200
2414694SDSSCGB-46589.1 -- a Lyman Alpha Blob at Low Redshift?McCandliss, Stephan Robert50
2414693Testing the Torus Origin of the Broad Absorption Line Outflow in WPVS 007Leighly, Karen Marie40
2414691Unraveling the oscillations of the richest pulsating hydrogen-atmosphere white dwarfHermes, JJ 60
2414690Identifing the last unkown emission component in the Herbig system HD 163296Guenther, Hans Moritz30
2414687The Origin of the Leading Arm of the Magellanic StreamFox, Andrew J.60
2414684What is a Galaxy Halo Really Like?Bowen, David V.220
2414683Before the Burst: The Properties of Rapidly Rotating, Massive SupergiantsBouret, Jean-Claude 150
2414681Tracing Galactic Outflows to the Source: Spatially Resolved Feedback in M83 with COSAloisi, Alessandra 400
2414679Extremely Metal Poor Galaxies with HST/COS: Completing the Groundwork for JWSTStark, Daniel P.120
2414675Metal Evolution and TrAnsport in the Large Magellanic Cloud (METAL): Probing Dust Evolution in Star Forming GalaxiesRoman-Duval, Julia Christine1010
2414674Far UV Spectroscopy of Superluminous SupernovaeQuimby, Robert M.140
2414673A Definitive Test of Rotational Mixing in Massive StarsProffitt, Charles R.140
2414672Tracing the Earliest Nucleosynthesis from Elements Just Past the Iron Peak in Extremely Metal-Poor DwarfsPeterson, Ruth C.440
2414665Ultraviolet Spectra of a Normal Standard CandleBrown, Peter J.140
2414657The wind variability in oscillating massive starsOskinova, Lidia 120
2414656How does ionizing radiation escape from galaxies?Orlitova, Ivana 130
2414655Probing Warm-Hot Gas in the Outskirts of Galaxy Clusters Using Quasar Absorption LinesMuzahid, Sowgat 150
2414646A White Dwarf with an Actively Disintegrating AsteroidXu, Siyi 120
2414641Short Orbital Period Recurrent Novae as Supernovae Type Ia ProgenitorsSion, Edward M.60
2414640Investigating the FUV Emission of Young M dwarfs with FUMES: the Far Ultraviolet M-dwarf Evolution SurveyPineda, John Sebastian160
2414637Wide band spectra of nova-like variables: A confrontation of observations with theoryLong, Knox S.50
2414635Lyman continuum leaking in luminous compact star-forming galaxiesIzotov, Yuri I.340
2414634HST-Juno synergistic approach of Jupiter's magnetosphere and ultraviolet aurorasGrodent, Denis C1510
2414631Resolving the Nuclear Structure of the Canonical Radio Galaxy M87Danforth, Charles 100
2414628The Evolution of C/O in Low Metallicity Dwarf GalaxiesBerg, Danielle 200
2414625Connecting the lower and upper atmospheres of a warm-Neptune. Implications for planetary evolution.Ballester, Gilda E.100
2414623A Novel Measurement of Turbulence and Bulk Flows in the Hot Halo of M87Anderson, Mike 140
2414618Ultraviolet Flashers in M87: Rapidly Recurring Novae as SNIa ProgenitorsShara, Michael 530
2414617Auroral properties of the brown dwarf LSR J1835 + 3259: The UV perspectiveSaur, Joachim 50
2414615The Evaporating Exosphere of a Young PlanetNewton, Elisabeth R.160
2414614Death or Survival? Determining the nature of SNe IIn-P explosionsMauerhan, Jon 30
2414610A Legacy Imaging Survey of M33.Dalcanton, Julianne 1080
2414609Psyche's UV Reflectance Spectra: Exploring the origins of the largest exposed-core metallic asteroidBecker, Tracy M40
2414604Connecting the shape of the FUV spectrum with disk morphology: a combined HST and ALMA study of young stellar objects in LupusManara, Carlo F.150
2414603Ulraviolet fluxes and dynamical structure in the pulsating atmosphere of helium star V652 HerJeffery, C Simon80
2414602The Perseus Project: Probing Metal Mixing, Dust Destruction, and Kinematics in the Vertical Extension of the Perseus ArmHowk, Jay Christopher130
2414601The Energetically Complete Picture of a Starburst SuperwindHayes, Matthew James40
2414600SDSS 1240+6710: a partially burnt supernova remnantGaensicke, Boris T.40
2414598The Incredibly Long-Lived SN 2005ipFox, Ori Dosovitz50
2414597An Ultraviolet Spectral Legacy of Polluted White DwarfsFarihi, Jay 660
2314277Probing Hot Gas in Spiral-Rich Galaxy GroupsStocke, John Thomas450
2314276Understanding the star formation environment of a very low redshift, low luminosity, long Gamma Ray BurstStanway, Elizabeth R.10
2314275Tracing the CMB Cold Spot supervoid using HI gas cloudsShanks, Tom 150
2314273, 14813, 15359A highly dynamical debris disc in an evolved planetary systemManser, Christopher James60
2314272, 14812Long-Term Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of a Tidal Disruption Event at only 90 MpcMaksym, Walter Peter220
2314268Project AMIGA: Mapping the Circumgalactic Medium of AndromedaLehner, Nicolas 930
2314267, 14811The Grand Finale : probing the origin of Saturn s aurorae with HST observations simultaneous to Cassini polar measurementsLamy, Laurent 310
2314265Crossing the redshift desert: ionizing background radiation and intergalactic hydrogen at z ~ 1Kim, Tae-Sun 540
2314264A New Dual Perspective of Mutli-phase Galaxy OutflowsKacprzak, Glenn G.150
2314257Far UV spectroscopic measurements of the deuterium abundance of cometsBodewits, Dennis 100
2314256, 14810, 15358High-Precision Proper Motions in the M87 JetBiretta, John A.40
2314255A First Look at the Late Stages of Accretion in Tidal Disruption Flaresvan Velzen, Sjoert 80
2314250The ultraviolet light curve and spectrum of PSR B0540-69, the Crab Twin.Mignani, Roberto 60
2314249The old pulsar PSR J0108-1431, a key target to understand the long-term evolution of neutron starsMignani, Roberto 80
2314247Confirmation of an Intermediate-Mass Black Hole in an Extragalactic Globular ClusterIrwin, Jimmy A.100
2314246The Fastest Rotating StarsGies, Douglas Russell40
2314245The winds of the most Fe-poor massive stars of the Local Group: Sextans-AGarcia, Miriam 260
2314243True Jet Rotation Probed in NUV Jet CoreCoffey, Deirdre 90
2314242Deep Multiwavelength Campaign on an AGN Outflow: Absolute Abundances and the Warm Absorber ConnectionArav, Nahum 90
2314240Mapping the circumgalactic medium of two large spiral galaxiesWakker, Bart P.280
2314232STIS Observations of Metal-Poor Stars: Direct Confrontation with Nucleosynthetic PredictionsRoederer, Ian U.200
2314231The First Detections of Phosphorus, Sulphur, and Zinc in a Bona-Fide Second-Generation StarRoederer, Ian U.180
2314229Characterizing a Magnetic CV Associated with a PNe via COS UV SpectroscopyReynolds, Mark 20
2314228Thermal Equilibration and Cosmic-Ray Acceleration in Astrophysical Shocks: UV Spectra of the SN1006 RemnantRaymond, John Charles150
2314225Small Magellanic Cloud Ultraviolet Dust Extinction: A Focused Study of Four Sightlines Near a Molecular Cloud with Variable 2175 A bumpsGordon, Karl D.40
2314222Full HST coverage of a comet-like exoplanet in transitEhrenreich, David 120
2314221HST Confirmation and Characterization of a Potentially Habitable WorldEhrenreich, David 50
2314214The Suppression of Convection in Magnetic White DwarfsTremblay, Pier-Emmanuel 30
2314213Defining New IR-Bright Flux Standards for Cosmology ApplicationsTremblay, Pier-Emmanuel 40
2314209The Final UV Frontier: Legacy Near-UV Imaging of the Frontier FieldsSiana, Brian 480
2314207Inventoring Gas in Debris Disks: UV Spectroscopy of Eta TelRoberge, Aki 40
2314202The Unprecedented Supernova Metamorphosis of SN 2014CMilisavljevic, Dan 80
2314201Lyman alpha escape in Green Pea galaxies (give peas a chance)Malhotra, Sangeeta 200
2314194Precision Masses and Distances of Classical CepheidsEvans, Nancy Remage70
2314193Footprints of the Magnetosphere: the Star- Disk Connection in T Tauri StarsEspaillat, Catherine 200
2314190Trickles of Accretion: Catching a Final Glimpse of Gas in the DiskCalvet, Nuria 110
2314184A Local Benchmark for High-Redshift FeedbackRupke, David 80
2314180The wind of ksi Per: a tomographic view of stellar wind dynamicsMassa, Derck L.110
2314179FUVB Flat Fields for the COS FUV Blue ModesMassa, Derck L.20
2314176Measuring Absolute Abundances in NGC 5548 and Definitively Linking the UV and X-ray OutflowsKriss, Gerard A.90
2314174Probing Extended Star Formation in the Young Massive Cluster NGC 1850Goudfrooij, Paul 20
2314173A Multiwavelength Study of the Nature of Diffuse Atomic and Molecular GasFederman, Steven R.120
2314171Characterizing the Circumgalactic Medium of Luminous Red GalaxiesZhu, Guangtun 330
2314168COS Views of He II Emitting Star Forming Galaxies: Preparing for the JWST EraStark, Daniel P.200
2314162The magnetic activity puzzle of the super-earth host star KOI-314Poppenhaeger, Katja 10
2314161The Intersection of Atomic Physics and Astrophysics: Identifying UV Fe I Lines from Metal-Poor Turnoff StarsPeterson, Ruth C.740
2314155Using Stellar Evolution as a Clock to Watch the Dynamical Evolution of a Globular ClusterKalirai, Jason 50
2314152Hot gas cooling and turbulence in the 3C326N radio-galaxyGuillard, Pierre 50
2314151Constraining Pop III supernova energies and the formation of the first low-mass stars with the iron-poor star HE1327-2326 (with [Fe/H] = -5.4)Frebel, Anna 290
2314145Characterizing Circumgalactic Gas around Passive GalaxiesChen, Hsiao-Wen 330
2314144An Ultraviolet View of Overluminous Type Ia SupernonovaeBrown, Peter J.70
2314143Probing the nature and evolution of the oldest known planetary system through Lyman-alpha observationsBourrier, Vincent 180
2314140Using UV-bright Milky Way Halo Stars to Probe Star-Formation Driven Winds as a Function of Disk Scale HeightWerk, Jessica Kay300
2314137Damped Lyman-alpha Systems in the Disks of Low-z SDSS Galaxies on Top of QSOsStraka, Lorrie 200
2314135Are High-Redshift Spectroscopic Black Hole Mass Estimates Biased?Richards, Gordon T.250
2314134Spectral Diagnostics for the Reionization Era: Exploring the Semi-Forbidden CIII] Emission in Low Metallicity Green Pea GalaxiesRavindranath, Swara 180
2314132The spatial distribution of hot stellar populations in M31's globular clustersPeacock, Mark B.120
2314131Origin of double peaks in Lyman-alpha spectra: diffuse halos or Lyman continuum leakage?Orlitova, Ivana 180
2314130Down the Tubes: Vetting the Apparent Water-rich Parent Body being Accreted by the White Dwarf GD 16Melis, Carl 50
2314128The dawn of rocky planet formationHollands, Mark 80
2314127First Measurement of the Small Scale Structure of Circumgalactic Gas via Grism Spectra of Close Quasar PairsFumagalli, Michele 550
2314125A Remarkable Recurrent Nova in M31: The Leading Single Degenerate Supernova Ia Progenitor Candidate(?)Darnley, Matthew James200
2314121Probing the accretion disk in the Seyfert 1 NGC 4593Cackett, Edward M.270
2314120He II emission as a tracer of ultra-low metallicity and massive star evolutionBrinchmann, Jarle 240
2314117A Young White Dwarf with an Infrared Excess: Dust Disk or Substellar Companion?Xu, Siyi 10
2314112Monitoring the ice plumes of EuropaSparks, William B.60
2314111The SN Ia Candidate T Pyxidis: The Mystery of its High Accretion RateSion, Edward M.40
2314106Probing Ceres' exosphere and water vapor outgassingRoth, Lorenz 50
2314105Observing Jupiter's FUV auroras near Juno orbit insertionNichols, Jonathan David470
2314104The optical-UV extinction law in 30 DoradusMaiz Apellaniz, Jesus 100
2314102The II Zw 40 Supernebula: 30 Doradus on SteroidsLeitherer, Claus 40
2314100A Direct Imaging Experiment to Determine the Origin of H2 Emission from M dwarf Exoplanetary SystemsFrance, Kevin 80
2314094Characterization of the extended atmosphere and the nature of the hot super-Earth 55 Cnc e and the warm Jupiter 55 Cnc bBourrier, Vincent 130
2314090New FUV diagnostics of the atmosphere of the hot-Jupiter HD 209458b with HST/COSBallester, Gilda E.120
2314089Far-UV observations of H, C, N and O in exocomets of Beta PicStrom, Paul A.70
2314085Circumgalactic gas at its extreme - the absorption properties of interacting galaxiesRichter, Philipp 100
2314084Connecting Earth with its Galactic Environment: Probing Our Interstellar Past Along the Historical Solar TrajectoryRedfield, Seth 140
2314082Connecting white dwarf rotation and debris accretionMaoz, Dan 100
2314081Probing Supernovae Chemical Yields in Low Metallicity Environments with UV Spectroscopy of Magellanic Cloud B-type StarsLanz, Thierry 350
2314080LyC, Ly-alpha, and Low Ions in Green Peas: Diagnostics of Optical Depth, Geometry, and OutflowsJaskot, Anne 500
2314079Unveiling the Dark Baryons II: the First Sample of OVI Emission ImagingHayes, Matthew James320
2314076An HST legacy ultraviolet spectroscopic survey of the 13pc white dwarf sampleGaensicke, Boris T.670
2314075Long-Lost Companions: A Search for the Binary Secondaries of Three Nearby SupernovaeFox, Ori Dosovitz90
2314071How are HI Disks Fed? Probing Condensation at the Disk-Halo InterfaceBorthakur, Sanchayeeta 1000
2314070A Red Supergiant Mass Accurate to 1%Bennett, Philip D.20
2213875A Potential Paradigm Shift in our Understanding of Helium ReionizationWorseck, Gabor 240
2213874Using Hubble to Measure Volatile Abundances and the D/H Ratio in a Bright ToO CometWeaver, Harold A.100
2213872The GOODS UV Legacy Fields: A Full Census of Faint Star-Forming Galaxies at z~0.5-2Oesch, Pascal 132132
2213862Measuring the Impact of Starbursts on the Circum-Galactic MediumHeckman, Timothy M.490
2213861HST/COS FUV Spectrophotometry of the Key Binary Solar Twins 16 Cyg A&B: Astrophysical Laboratories for the Future Sun and Older Solar AnalogsGuinan, Edward F.120
2213859Unveiling the circumstellar environment of the most extreme hot-JupitersFossati, Luca 60
2213858The environment of the rarest and most energetic supernovae: do pair-instability explosions exist in the nearby Universe?De Cia, Annalisa 40
2213853UV Spectroscopy of Newly Discovered Tidal Disruption FlaresCenko, Stephen Bradley160
2213852How Galaxy Mergers Affect Their Environment: Mapping the Multiphase Circumgalactic Medium of Close Kinematic PairsBordoloi, Rongmon 340
2213851The Origin of Intermediate-Luminosity Red TransientsBond, Howard E.40
2213846The COS Absorption Survey of Baryon Harbors (CASBaH): Probing the Circumgalactic Media of Galaxies from z = 0 to z = 1.5Tripp, Todd M.990
2213843A Candidate Recoiling Black Hole in a Nearby Dwarf GalaxyKoss, Michael J40
2213841, 14340Accurate masses and distances of the binary Cepheids S Mus and SU CygGallenne, Alexandre 160
2213840The Smith Cloud: Galactic or Extragalactic?Fox, Andrew J.90
2213838UV Mapping of the Shocks in the Extremely Collimated Outflows of the Proto-Planetary Nebula Hen 3-1475Fang, Xuan 20
2213833Characterizing the cool and warm-hot intergalactic medium in clusters at z < 0.4Tejos, Nicolas 530
2213832Absorption in the Cosmic Web: Characterizing the Intergalactic Medium in Cosmological FilamentsTejos, Nicolas 40
2213829The ice plumes of EuropaSparks, William B.100
2213828, 14338Late nebular stage high resolution UV spectroscopy of classical Galactic novae: a benchmark panchromatic archive for nova evolutionShore, Steven Neil150
2213827A New Opportunity to Detect Iron in the Most Iron-Poor Star KnownRoederer, Ian U.100
2213822iPTF13bvn: First identification of the progenitor of a Type Ib supernovaFolatelli, Gaston 40
2213820Search for an evaporating ocean on the super-Earth HD 97658bEhrenreich, David 150
2213807Unprecedented Tracking of the Unique Dwarf Nova GW Lib from Largest Amplitude Outburst to Quiescent PulsationsSzkody, Paula 40
2213806UV spectroscopy of the most massive overcontact binary known to date: on the verge of coalescence ?Sana, Hugues 80
2213805Io's Atmosphere Silhouetted in Transit by Jupiter Lyman-alphaRetherford, Kurt David40
2213803Europa's Composition as Revealed by its AtmosphereMcGrath, Melissa A.50
2213801Probing Structure in Cold Gas at z <~ 1 with Gravitationally Lensed Quasar SightlinesKulkarni, Varsha Purushottam180
2213800Heavy-metal, extreme chemistry and puzzling pulsation: ultraviolet clues to the formation of hot subdwarfsJeffery, C Simon70
2213798A chemical inventory of Gas and Star-Grazing Exocomets in HD 172555Grady, Carol A.100
2213797Early-Time UV Spectroscopy of Stripped-Envelope Supernovae: A New WindowFilippenko, Alex V.160
2213795HST Observations of Comet-Induced Aurora on Mars during the Siding Spring EncounterClarke, John T.40
2213794Seasonal Dependence of the Escape of Water from the Martian AtmosphereClarke, John T.130
2213788COS Views of Local Galaxies Approaching Primeval ConditionsWofford, Aida 180
2213784The First UV Spectra of a Hydrogen-Rich Superluminous SupernovaQuimby, Robert M.140
2213783Thermal evolution of old neutron starsPavlov, George G.130
2213782The Double Supernova in NGC 6984Milisavljevic, Dan 40
2213781WO-Type Wolf-Rayet Stars: the Last Hurrah of the Most Massive Stars?Massey, Philip Louis90
2213780The Nature of Newly Discovered Wolf-Rayet Stars in the LMCMassey, Philip Louis60
2213778Using ISM abundances in the SMC to Correct for Element Depletions by Dust in QSO Absorption Line SystemsJenkins, Edward B.460
2213775Testing EUV Photoevaporation Models in Young DisksEspaillat, Catherine 60
2213774Feeding and feeback: The impact of AGN on the circumgalactic medium.Ellison, Sara Louise520
2213769Trans-iron group elements in hot helium-rich white dwarfsWerner, Klaus 110
2213759Extreme Variability in the M87 JetMadrid, Juan P.10
2213758The Age-Metallicity relationship of the Galactic Bulge via Stromgren PhotometryKoch, Andreas 1414
2213754, 14331, 14702The first mass and angular momentum loss measurements for a CV-like binaryDrake, Jeremy J.60
2213752An autopsy of dead planetary systems with COSDebes, John Henry30
2213749Baryon Structures Around Nearby Galaxies: Using an Edge-On Disk to Assess Inflow/Outflow ModelsBowen, David V.260
2213744Green Peas and diagnostics for Lyman continuum leaking in star-forming dwarf galaxiesThuan, Trinh Xuan170
2213743The Controversial Nature of the Diffuse UV Emission in Galaxies: Exploring NGC300Thilker, David 1816
2213736Contemporaneous Mid-UV Spectral Coverage of Pluto and Charon Coincident With the New Horizons EncounterSchindhelm, Eric Robert20
2213735A New Dwarf Galaxy Associated with an Ultra-Compact High Velocity CloudSand, David J.30
2213734Probing the extreme wind confinement of the most magnetic O star with COS spectroscopyPetit, Veronique 40
2213727Which Stars Go BOOM?Kalirai, Jason 120
2213721The Windy Milky Way GalaxyBenjamin, Robert A.140
2213720Testing Models of the Black-Hole X-ray Source in the NGC4472 Globular Cluster RZ2109 with COS UV SpectroscopyZepf, Stephen E.180
2213719Accretion of planetary debris onto the unique white dwarf GD394Wilson, David John80
2213714Tracing Hot Plasma in the RY Tau JetSkinner, Stephen L.80
2213710Constraining Models of Evolved UV-Bright Stars in the M31 BulgeRosenfield, Philip A.1010
2213709Constraining the Cosmic-ray Acceleration and Gamma-ray Emission Processes in IC 443Ritchey, Adam M.100
2213708Following the rapid evolution of the central star of the Stingray Nebula in real timeReindl, Nicole 50
2213707Mapping the Extreme Horizontal Branch instability strip in omega CentauriRandall, Suzanna 40
2213706Galactic Accretion Unveiled: A Unique Opportunity with COS and M33Peek, Joshua 280
2213704Testing the single degenerate channel for supernova IaParsons, Steven Gary100
2213703The donor star winds in High-Mass X-ray BinariesOskinova, Lidia 90
2213700Confirming the most water-rich extrasolar rocky bodyMelis, Carl 20
2213697Does star formation proceed differently in metal-poor galaxies?Lebouteiller, vianney 110
2213694UV spectra of the icy Saturnian satellites: Understanding exogenic processes and NH3 in the systemHendrix, Amanda R.70
2213693The Ultraviolet Spectrum of CeresHendrix, Amanda R.40
2213679Europa's Water Vapor Plumes: Systematically Constraining their Abundance and VariabilityRoth, Lorenz 580
2213659A New View of Dust at Low Metallicity: The First Maps of SMC Extinction CurvesSandstrom, Karin Marie5454
2213658Farewell to the Voyagers: Measuring the Local ISM in the Immediate Path of the Two Voyager SpacecraftRedfield, Seth 140
2213656Unveiling the Dark Baryons: The First Imaging of Circumgalactic OVI in EmissionHayes, Matthew James220
2213655How Lyman alpha bites/beats the dustHayes, Matthew James200
2213654Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of the Extended Lyman Alpha Reference SampleHayes, Matthew James290
2213651Disentangling Signatures of Ultra-high-energy Cosmic Rays from a Unique Gamma-ray BlazarFurniss, Amy Kathryn70
2213650The MUSCLES Treasury Survey: Measurements of the Ultraviolet Spectral Characteristics of Low-mass Exoplanetary SystemsFrance, Kevin 1250
2213648Uncovering the Putative B-Star Binary Companion of the SN 1993J ProgenitorFox, Ori Dosovitz30
2213646Understanding the Progenitor Systems, Explosion Mechanisms, and Cosmological Utility of Type Ia SupernovaeFoley, Ryan 3636
2213642The evolutionary link between low-mass X-ray binaries and millisecond radio pulsarsMiller, Jon Matthew60
2113492Hubble Spectroscopy of Sungrazing Comet ISONWeaver, Harold A.190
2113491Directly Probing >10^6 K Gas in Lyman Limit Absorbers at z > 2Tripp, Todd M.600
2113489Accretion Physics in Nearby FR1 GalaxiesStocke, John Thomas60
2113488Using Hubble to Resolve Fundamental Discrepancies in the Surface Composition of the Asteroid {21} LutetiaSteffl, Andrew J.40
2113483eLARS - extending the Lyman Alpha Reference SampleOestlin, Goeran 550
2113473On the Nature of Highly Ionized Gas in the Halos of Normal Star-Forming GalaxiesHeckman, Timothy M.250
2113471STIS Spectra of the Young SN Ia Remnant SN 1885 in M31Fesen, Robert A.390
2113469Tol 26 and the EGB 6 Class of Planetary-Nebula Nuclei: What Happens to a Companion Star when a PN is Ejected?Bond, Howard E.30
2113468, 13876, 14342HST Observations of Astrophysically Important Visual BinariesBond, Howard E.100
2113462Tracking the Winds of Red Giants from the Star to the ISMWood, Brian Erland360
2113460The Remarkable Ultraviolet Spectrum of Mrk 231Veilleux, Sylvain 70
2113456Searching for 300, 000 Degree Gas in the Core of the Phoenix Cluster with HST-COSMcDonald, Michael A.140
2113454, 13849, 14339The parallax and mass of the binary classical Cepheid V1334 CygKervella, Pierre 80
2113453The Elemental Compositions of Extrasolar Minor PlanetsJura, Michael A.120
2113452Coupling the emission of ionizing radiation and Lyman alphaHayes, Matthew James80
2113451A Study of PG Quasar-Driven Outflows with COSHamann, Fred 110
2113450Separating the Spectral Components of the Massive Triple Star System Delta OrionisGies, Douglas Russell20
2113448The Closest Galactic Wind: UV Properties of the Milky Way's Nuclear OutflowFox, Andrew J.490
2113444Constraining the size of intergalactic clouds with QSO pairsWakker, Bart P.210
2113439Gas Physics in Cool-Core Clusters: the Virgo ClusterSparks, William B.120
2113438Probing the atmosphere of a transiting ocean worldSparks, William B.30
2113436Ion Temperatures in a Collisionless Supernove Remnant Shock WaveRaymond, John Charles100
2113435Multiple populations in external globular glusters: the Fornax dSph, the LMC, and the SMCMonelli, Matteo 1111
2113434Transmission spectroscopy through the debris disk of FomalhautMeshkat, Tiffany 40
2113433Stellar Forensics V: A post-explosion view of the progenitor of SN 2011dhMaund, Justyn Robert40
2113432To be or not to be the progenitor: The question about Tycho-BKerzendorf, Wolfgang E20
2113430The temperatures, masses and pulsation modes of three ZZ Cetis in the Kepler fieldGreiss, Sandra 40
2113429, 13836Unveiling the X-ray/UV Connection in AGN Winds: the PG 1126-041 Case StudyGiustini, Margherita 80
2113427A Look Inside a Star: The Evolved Main-Sequence Channel and Hydrogen Depleted Ultracompact BinariesGarnavich, Peter M.60
2113425Multiwavelength Test For A Standard Accretion Disk Around An Intermediate Mass Black Hole CandidateFeng, Hua 20
2113424The Necklace Nebula as a probe of close binary evolutionCorradi, Romano Luigi Maria10
2113423Primordial lithium in z~0, metal-poor damped Lyman alpha systemsCooke, Ryan J.120
2113421CSS 41177: an eclipsing double white dwarf binaryBours, Madelon C.P.20
2113419The First Ultraviolet Survey of Orion Nebula's Protoplanetary Disks and OutflowsBally, John 1818
2113415The First Study of the Quasar Broad Line Region in the <550A Extreme UVSyphers, David 50
2113413Star formation and Dissolution Across Dynamically Distinct Environments in NGC 1097Sheth, Kartik 40
2113407COS Gas Flows: Challenging the Optical PerspectiveMartin, Crystal Linn60
2113406Hydrogen, Deuterium and Nitrogen in the Beta Pictoris diskLecavelier des Etangs, Alain 20
2113402Remote sensing of the energy of Jovian auroral electrons with STIS: a clue to unveil plasma acceleration processesGerard, Jean-Claude M.30
2113398A Breakaway from Incremental Science: Full Characterization of the z<1 CGM and Testing Galaxy Evolution TheoryChurchill, Christopher W.1100
2113396Dual views of Saturn's UV aurora: revealing magnetospheric dynamicsBadman, Sarah V.150
2113389The Ultraviolet Frontier: Completing the Census of Star Formation at Its Peak EpochSiana, Brian 4848
2113388Fundamental properties of novae outburst: Coordinated HST and XMM ToO observationsSchwarz, Greg James60
2113383Measuring the Properties of Dwarf StreamsPutman, Mary E.80
2113382Warm Gas Flows in the Coma ClusterPutman, Mary E.270
2113379Multiple stellar populations in the young Large Magellanic Cloud cluster NGC1856Milone, Antonino Paolo44
2113378Toward A Comprehensive Kinematic and Chemical Survey of the Young O-rich SNR 1E 0102-7219 in the SMCMilisavljevic, Dan 100
2113377, 13789Essential UV Observations of Eta Carinae's Change of StateMehner, Andrea 110
2113372Mapping the magnetospheric structure at outburst of the pre-main sequence close binary AK ScoGomez de Castro, Ana Ines140
2113369The Dynamical Mass of Polaris, the Nearest CepheidEvans, Nancy Remage20
2113368, 14332A Precision Measurement of the Mass of the Cepheid V350 SgrEvans, Nancy Remage240
2113367UV Line Emission from Million Degree Gas in a Galaxy Cluster CoreDonahue, Megan 160
2113365Probing the nature of small-scale structure towards rho Oph stars: A new avenue in diffuse interstellar band researchCordiner, Martin A.80
2113364LEGUS: Legacy ExtraGalactic UV SurveyCalzetti, Daniela 154154
2113363Gauging dust settling in 5-10 Myr old disks with COSCalvet, Nuria 140
2113358Trans-iron group elements in the hot white dwarf RE 0503-289Werner, Klaus 30
2113354COS Spectroscopy of White Dwarf Companions to Blue Stragglers in NGC 188Mathieu, Robert D.120
2113353Flux calibration of the COS FUV modesMassa, Derck L.80
2113351UV Spectroscopy of a Peculiar White Dwarf SupernovaJha, Saurabh W.60
2113349Escaping Lyman Continuum in Strongly Lensed Galaxies at z=2.0-2.5Fan, Xiaohui 180
2113347The Missing Baryons Around Nearby Dwarf GalaxiesBregman, Joel N.210
2113346Advanced Spectral Library II: Hot StarsAyres, Thomas R.2300
2113340Detecting a Hot Companion to the Progenitor of the Type Ic Supernova 1994I in M51Van Dyk, Schuyler D.40
2113336Probing Io's putative global magma ocean through FUV auroral spot morphologyRoth, Lorenz 100
2113330Mapping the AGN Broad Line Region by ReverberationPeterson, Bradley M1790
2113329Discovering the nature of the star-planet interaction at WASP-12bNichols, Jonathan David200
2113328Observing Ganymede's atmosphere and auroras with COS and STISNichols, Jonathan David80
2113325Pushing COS to the {Lyman-}LimitLeitherer, Claus 280
2113323Taking the Temperature of Explosive Stellar FlaresKowalski, Adam F.80
2113322Time-resolved FUV Spectroscopy of a Unique White Dwarf in the Kepler FieldHoard, Donald W.40
2113321COS Spectroscopy of the Stephan's Quintet Giant ShockGuillard, Pierre 180
2113320Unveiling the nature of ultraluminous X-ray sources via UV spectroscopyGrise, Fabien 80
2113319COS Spectroscopy of Pulsating, Metal-Rich, Extremely Low Mass White DwarfsGianninas, Alexandros 170
2113314Characterizing the Elusive Intragroup Medium and Its Role in Galaxy EvolutionBorthakur, Sanchayeeta 510
2113313Determining attenuation laws down to the Lyman break in z~0.3 galaxiesBoquien, Mederic 160
2113312The Evolution of C/O in Low Metallicity Dwarf GalaxiesBerg, Danielle 130
2113310The life and death of H2 in a UV-rich environment - Towards a better understanding of H2 excitation and destructionAbel, Nicholas P.40
2113304Mysterious ionization in cooling flow filaments: a test with deep COS FUV spectroscopyTremblay, Grant R.230
2113302COS Spectra of High-Redshift AGN: Probing Deep into the Rest-Frame Ionizing Continuum and Broad Emission LinesShull, J. Michael220
2113301Deep COS Spectra of the Two Brightest Quasars that Probe the He II Post-Reionization EraShull, J. Michael350
2113300Mapping MgII Emission in the M82 Superwind: A Rosetta Stone for Understanding Feedback in the Distant UniverseRubin, Kate 1515
2113298Radio-quiet Quasars with Extremely Weak Emission Lines: a New Perspective on Quasar UnificationPlotkin, Richard M.70
2113297The HST Legacy Survey of Galactic Globular Clusters: Shedding UV Light on Their Populations and FormationPiotto, Giampaolo 131131
2113296The nuclear outflow in PDS 456O'Brien, Paul Thomas20
2113293Green Pea Galaxies: Extreme, Optically-Thin Starbursts?Jaskot, Anne 240
2113290The hypervelocity hot subdwarf US 708 - remnant of a double-detonation SN Ia?Geier, Stephan 30
2113289RXJ0439.8-6809: the hottest pre-white dwarf, or the first double-degenerate supersoft X-ray source?Gaensicke, Boris T.30
2113288PG 1424+240: Too Distant to be Seen?Furniss, Amy Kathryn50
2113287Late-Time UV Spectroscopic Signatures from Circumstellar Interaction in Type IIn SupernovaeFox, Ori Dosovitz160
2113286Understanding the Progenitor Systems, Explosion Mechanisms, and Cosmological Utility of Type Ia SupernovaeFoley, Ryan 3624
2113284Unravelling the evolution and accretion morphology of an extraordinary black hole X-ray binaryMiller, Jon Matthew90
2113283Testing ISM Evolution Models with Gravitational LensesDai, Xinyu 40
First Cycle for the Program Proposal    Number(s)    Title PI Planned External Orbits* Planned Parallel Orbits*

Archival Programs

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First Cycle for the Program Proposal    Number(s)    Title PI Planned External Orbits* Planned Parallel Orbits*
3017060The Radiation Field of LI(N)ERs: The Milky Way as an Extragalactic SystemKrishnarao, Dhanesh NANA
3017057Tackling the Mysteries of the Bizarre ISM in Blue And Dusty Gas Rich sources - 'BADGRs' - Using Extinction MappingClark, Christopher NANA
3017055Photometric Abundance Measurements in Globular ClustersBailin, Jeremy NANA
3017054A Library of Extreme Ultraviolet Spectra for 115 Main-Sequence Stars to Enable Comparative Exoplanet StudiesDuvvuri, Girish NANA
3017053The Cool CGM of the Large Magellanic CloudFox, Andrew J.NANA
3017050Maximizing the Science Return from HST UV Observations of Transiting Exoplanet AtmospheresLine, Michael NANA
3017049Elucidating Galaxy Quenching with Absorption Probes of Halos around Low-mass DwarfsPolzin, Ava NANA
3017047Searching for Earths and super-Earths in the inner gas diskCalvet, Nuria NANA
3017045HST spectroscopy of X-ray ultra-fast outflowsMehdipour, Missagh NANA
3017037Constraining star formation with the deepest HST images of M87Sun, Ming NANA
3017035The Great Escape: A comparative study of photoevaporation in exoplanets observed with HSTDos Santos, Leonardo NANA
3017032An Archival Far-Ultraviolet Legacy Survey of the GOODS and COSMOS Fields: Completing the Census of the UV SkySiana, Brian NANA
3017031Investigating Sulfur Abundances and Distributions in UV Comet ObservationsNoonan, John WNANA
3017027Thermal properties of the IGM and CGM: Confronting simulations with observationsKim, Tae-Sun NANA
2916640Braving the Storm: Quantifying the Effects of Ram Pressure and Stellar Feedback in the Large Magellanic CloudZheng, Yong NANA
2916635The First Direct Measurement of CO/H2 in Sub-Solar Metallicity Environments Using ULYSSES DataTchernyshyov, Kirill NANA
2916633Unlocking the Potential of Galactic Outflow ObservationsSchneider, Evan NANA
2916630A New Empirical Test of Magnesium, Silicon, and Calcium NLTE Calculations Using UV Spectroscopy of Metal-Poor StarsRoederer, Ian U.NANA
2916623Feasting on the Riches of Odysseus' VoyageLeitherer, Claus NANA
2916622Probing Feeding and Feedback in the Circumgalactic Medium of Quasars via Direct Detection of InflowsLau, Marie Wingyee NANA
2916621SUPERCAL: Unified Reprocessing of the Large HST Cosmology Survey Fields - New Science, Archival Legacy, and Pathfinder for JWSTKoekemoer, Anton M.NANA
2916617Probing The Evolution Of White-Light And FUV Flares From Low-Mass Stars With HST And TESSJackman, James NANA
2916616Interstellar tomography of highly ionized gas in the Milky Way thick disk with ULLYSESHowk, Jay ChristopherNANA
2916607Is There a Relationship Between the Metallicity of the Circumgalactic Medium and the Galaxy Orientation?Charlton, Jane C.NANA
2916606Modeling the Mg II-Lyman Alpha Relation as a Calibrator of the Lyman Continuum Escape FractionCarr, Cody AndrewNANA
2916602The LMC's Galactic Wind through the Eyes of ULLYSESBarger, Kat ANANA
2916601Measuring the contribution of quasar outflows to AGN feedbackArav, Nahum NANA
2916600A new paradigm for Seyfert outflows and their connection to AGN feedbackArav, Nahum NANA
2816160Far-ultraviolet insights into multiple populations in extragalactic globular clustersZepf, Stephen E.NANA
2816158The metallicity of high- and intermediate-velocity cloudsWakker, Bart P.NANA
2816153M-dwarf Exoplanet Direct Detection using Light Echoes (MEDDLE)Sparks, William B.NANA
2816152Accreting White Dwarfs: Their Masses, Rotational Velocities and Chemical AbundancesSion, Edward M.NANA
2816148Painting the first empirical picture of massive stars below the metallicity of the SMC with ULLYSESSenchyna, Peter NANA
2816135Quantifying the Effects of Host Star UV Scaling Relationships on Photochemical Modeling of Exoplanet AtmospheresKempton, Eliza M.-R.NANA
2816133A Comprehensive Investigation of Gas-Phase Element Abundances and Extinction by Dust in the Large and Small Magellanic CloudsJenkins, Edward B.NANA
2816131CMFGEN: A Key Spectroscopic Tool for AstrophysicistsHillier, D. JohnNANA
2816129Outflows and Disks around Young Stars: Synergies for the Exploration of Ullyses Spectra (ODYSSEUS)Herczeg, Gregory J.NANA
2816120Constraining the ionizing photon production efficiency for galaxies fainter than Muv = -17Choi, Yumi NANA
2816119Atmospheric Evolution of UranusBhattacharyya, Dolon NANA
2715807Improved Constraints on Grain Growth from a Survey of Phosphorus and Chlorine Depletions in the Diffuse ISMRitchey, Adam M.NANA
2715806The Rotation, Accretion, and Mass of the Milky Way Warm Gas Disk and CGMQu, Zhijie NANA
2715803Constraining CME Masses on the Active K Star and Planet Host Epsilon EridaniLoyd, R. O. ParkeNANA
2715800A subgrid model for simulating the unresolved microphysics in the circumgalactic mediumHummels, Cameron NANA
2715799Pushing the limits of COS: Working towards an optimized background correctionHernandez, Svea SNANA
2715798UV Light Reveals the Life of Giant Star-forming ClumpsGuo, Yicheng NANA
2715795Self-Consistent Metallicities in the Galactic HaloFrench, David M.NANA
2715794Quantitative Modeling of the Ultraviolet Spectra of Magnetic Massive StarsErba, Christiana NANA
2715789Complete spectral maps of the Galilean satellites from 200-1000nm: salts, radiolytic cycles, and O2 productionBrown, Michael ENANA
2715786Are quasar outflows a major contributor to AGN feedback? HST/COS to the rescueArav, Nahum NANA
2615635Recovering Stellar Lyman alpha and O I Emission Line Profiles from Airglow-Dominated COS Spectra of Cool Dwarf StarsYoungblood, Allison NANA
2615634A Comprehensive Study of Multiphase Gas in Absorption-Selected Galaxy HalosLehner, Nicolas NANA
2515059Interpreting HST UV Spectra of Galactic Winds Using Radiative Transfer of Hydrodynamic Galaxy Simulations in ytYesuf, Hassen NANA
2515051A New Test of Copper and Zinc Abundances in Late-Type Stars Using Cu II and Zn II lines in the Near-UltravioletRoederer, Ian U.NANA
2515049Constructing a Phase Diagram for the Interstellar Medium through the Analysis of O I Fine-Structure ExcitationsRitchey, Adam M.NANA
2515048Application of Independent Component Analysis to Legacy UV Quasar SpectraRichards, Gordon T.NANA
2515046Cosmic Ray driven outflows and the structure of the CGMQuinn, Thomas NANA
2515045HI and Low Metal Ions at the Intersection of Galaxies and the CGMOppenheimer, Benjamin DarwinNANA
2515038Model Atmospheres and Spectral Irradiance Library of the Exoplanet Host Stars Observed in the MUSCLES SurveyLinsky, Jeffrey L.NANA
2515036A New Probe of Dust Attenuation in Star-Forming GalaxiesLeitherer, Claus NANA
2515035What's in the Wind? Determining the Properties of Outflowing Gas in Powerful Broad Absorption Line QuasarsLeighly, Karen MarieNANA
2515034Observing AGN Feedback Down-the-Barrel Using Associated Absorbers at z <~ 1.5Lau, Marie Wingyee NANA
2515033A COS archival survey for proximate absorbers at z~z(em) in AGN spectra at z<0.4Kim, Tae-Sun NANA
2515032Filling the Void: A Comprehensive Survey of the Intergalactic Medium at z~1 Using STIS/COS Archival SpectraKhaire, Vikram NANA
2515029An Archival Study of Atomic Constituents in Four Edge-on Debris Disk SystemsJenkins, Edward B.NANA
2515020The Mass Outflow Rate of the Milky WayFox, Andrew J.NANA
2515014New Constraints on the Hard Ionizing Photon Budget and the Lifetime and Obscuration of Quasars During the Epoch of Helium ReionizationDavies, Frederick NANA
2515012Resolving the Small-Scale Structure of the Circumgalactic Medium in Cosmological SimulationsCorlies, Lauren NANA
2515011The Baryon Cycle through Cosmological Simulations: Taking COS to the Next Generation of AnalysisChurchill, Christopher W.NANA
2515009Surveying the CGM and IGM across 4 orders of magnitude in environmental densityBurchett, Joseph NeilNANA
2414591Project ALCATRAZ: Archival Lyman-Continuum and Theoretical Reionization Analysis vs. z: Where, When, & How Much Does LyC Escape from Galaxies & AGN?Windhorst, Rogier A.NANA
2414588Surveying the CGM of Nearby GalaxiesWakker, Bart P.NANA
2414585Understanding Jupiter's Cloud Scale and Energy Spectra from Archival DataSimon, Amy NANA
2414576Variability of Jupiter's main auroral emission and satellite footprintsMoore, Luke NANA
2414575A Flexible Cosmic Ultraviolet Background ModelMcQuinn, Matthew NANA
2414570Understanding the Sequestration of Krypton Atoms in the Interstellar MediumJenkins, Edward B.NANA
2414566Constraining Theroretical Wind Models using the Accelerating Outflows of Cool Evolved Stars as revealed by HubbleHarper, Graham M.NANA
2414560Diagnosing the Multiphase Circumgalactic MediumEarl, Nicholas NANA
2414551The COS revolution of AGN outflow scienceArav, Nahum NANA
2314323An Archival Survey of Trace Neutral Interstellar Species: Comparing Diagnostics of Physical ConditionsWelty, Daniel E.NANA
2314321Improving UV Continuous Opacities and Model Spectra for Cool StarsValenti, Jeff A.NANA
2314315Can thermal instabilities drive galactic precipitation and explain observed circumgalactic structure?Silvia, Devin W.NANA
2314314Spatial Modeling of the Topology of He II ReionizationShull, J. MichaelNANA
2314308Characterizing group baryons and galaxies through EAGLE zoom simulationsOppenheimer, Benjamin DarwinNANA
2314299A New Galactic Wind Model to Better Understand the Implications of QSO Absorption linesKatz, Neal S.NANA
2314297Gaseous infall and star formation from redshift 2 to the Milky WayHill, Alex SNANA
2314296Archival Investigations of the Local Environments of SupernovaeFoley, Ryan NANA
2314293Metallicity and Azimuthal Angle Diagnostics of Inflows and Outflows: Interpreting HST Measurements of Circum-Galactic Gas FlowsFaucher-Giguere, Claude-Andre NANA
2314292Investigating the Gas within the Planck Galactic Cold ClumpsDirks, Cody LeeNANA
2314288A New Method to Measure the UV Escape Fraction from GalaxiesChoi, Yumi NANA
2213924The intergalactic medium in the cosmic webTejos, Nicolas NANA
2213919MAST Interface to Synthetic Telescopes with yt {MISTY}: Observing Simulations of the Intergalactic MediumPeeples, Molly NANA
2213917The COS Cold Absorber Puzzle: Understanding the Metallicity and Phase of the Circumgalactic MediumHummels, Cameron NANA
2213913The Search for Diffuse Intergalactic and Circumgalactic Emission with the Cosmic Origins SpectrographPenton, Steven NANA
2213910Modeling the Origins of Sub-subgiant StarsGeller, Aaron NANA
2213905Quantifying Bursty Star Formation and Dust Extinction in Dwarf Galaxies at 0.75 < z < 1.5Siana, Brian NANA
2213903quasar lifetimes and helium reionization from HeII proximity zonesMcQuinn, Matthew NANA
2213894A Deep Survey of Low-Redshift Absorbers and Their Connections with Galaxies: Probing the Roles of Dwarfs, Satellites, and Large-Scale EnvironmentBurchett, Joseph NeilNANA
2213893The spectral shape of the ionizing extragalactic background radiation at z ~ 0Wakker, Bart P.NANA
2213885Comparative Precise Parameters for OB Stars in Three GalaxiesWalborn, Nolan R.NANA
2213884The Origins of Germanium and the Transition to Neutron-Capture NucleosynthesisRoederer, Ian U.NANA
2213881The formation of Lyman alpha fluorescent H2 lines in protoplanetary disks surrounding young solar mass starsCalvet, Nuria NANA
2213880The First Direct Measurement of the 2-3 Rydberg Quasar Continuum for a Statistical SampleSyphers, David NANA
2213879The s-process contribution to rare, heavy elementsRoederer, Ian U.NANA
2213878Unearthing a Treasure Trove of Ultraviolet Galaxy SpectraLeitherer, Claus NANA
2213877Project ALCATRAZ: Archival Lyman-Continuum and Theoretical Reionization Analysis vs. z: Where, When, How & How Much does LyC Escape?Windhorst, Rogier A.NANA
2113275The Skeleton in the Closet: Testing the Effect of HII Region Self-Enrichment Using Archival STIS DataWerk, Jessica KayNANA
2113267Reconstructing Lyman Alpha Radiation in T Tauri StarsSchindhelm, Eric RobertNANA
2113263Determining Fe I Energy Levels with STIS 230H Near-UV Spectra of Metal-Poor StarsPeterson, Ruth C.NANA
2113262Cosmic HI: a tracer of the physics regulating galaxy formation over a Hubble timeOppenheimer, Benjamin DarwinNANA
2113261Unlocking the secrets of absorption line complexes in the intergalactic mediumO'Shea, Brian W.NANA
2113253Filling in the Gaps in a Study of Gas that Molds the Fermi Bubbles: An Archival Supplement to a Cycle 20 GO ProgramJenkins, Edward B.NANA
2113246The nucleosynthetic origins and chemical evolution of phosphorus in the early universeFrebel, Anna NANA
2113245Reading the message in the light: understanding STIS and COS spectra, preparing for the Webb EraFerland, Gary J.NANA
2113241Using Resolved Stellar Populations To Tune The Pixel-by-pixel SED Fitting TechniqueCohen, Seth H.NANA
2113239An Archival COS Study of Multi-phase Galactic Outflows and Their Dependence on Host Galaxy PropertiesChisholm, John NANA
2113237Rehabilitating Ultraviolet-Based Quasar Black Hole Mass EstimationBrotherton, Michael S.NANA
2113233The COS revolution of AGN outflow scienceArav, Nahum NANA
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