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Ratios of [O III] and [N II] fluxes for SMC PNe

Ratios of [OIII] lines (5007A/4959A) and [N II] lines (6584A/6548A)
for all SMC PNe with both fluxes measured (and the average ratios for all objects)

    [O III] [O III]   [N II] [N II]  
    4959 A 5007 A [O III] 6548 A 6584 A [N II]
Galaxy Object 1D flux 1D flux ratio 1D flux 1D flux ratio
SMC J-3 1.10E-13 3.31E-13 3.0091 2.79E-15 8.12E-15 2.9104
SMC J-4 4.47E-14 1.35E-13 3.0201 8.13E-15 2.88E-14 3.5424
SMC J-8 8.17E-14 2.59E-13 3.1701 7.34E-15 2.10E-14 2.8610
SMC J-11 7.10E-13 2.12E-12 2.9859 7.31E-15 2.26E-14 3.0917
SMC J-18       1.34E-14 4.13E-14 3.0821
SMC J-19 2.32E-13 6.83E-13 2.9440 1.61E-14 5.30E-14 3.2919
SMC J-20 2.55E-13 7.65E-13 3.0000 3.04E-15 6.99E-15 2.2993
SMC J-23         8.95E-15  
SMC J-26 1.80E-13 5.49E-13 3.0500   2.38E-15  
SMC J-27            
SMC MA-1682       6.70E-15    
SMC MA-1762            
SMC MG-8 2.22E-14 6.78E-14 3.0541 1.23E-14 5.27E-14 4.2846
SMC MG-13            
SMC SMP-1 1.19E-13 3.67E-13 3.0840 1.24E-14 3.60E-14 2.9032
SMC SMP-6 4.23E-13 1.25E-12 2.9551 2.17E-14 7.03E-14 3.2396
SMC SMP-8 3.10E-13 9.24E-13 2.9806 2.10E-15 3.90E-15 1.8571
SMC SMP-12 5.21E-14 1.57E-13 3.0134      
SMC SMP-14 2.84E-13 8.48E-13 2.9859 3.98E-15 9.34E-15 2.3467
SMC SMP-17 8.26E-13 2.51E-12 3.0387 1.03E-14 2.13E-14 2.0680
SMC SMP-20 4.86E-13 1.47E-12 3.0247 3.22E-15 9.54E-15 2.9627
SMC SMP-22 1.13E-13 3.40E-13 3.0088 1.00E-13 2.96E-13 2.9600
SMC SMP-24 3.02E-13 9.20E-13 3.0464 1.35E-14 4.12E-14 3.0519
SMC SMP-25 5.67E-14 1.71E-13 3.0159 8.21E-15 2.48E-14 3.0207
SMC SMP-26 5.35E-14 1.60E-13 2.9907 2.90E-14 8.54E-14 2.9448
SMC SMP-27 5.89E-13 1.81E-12 3.0730 5.72E-15 1.62E-14 2.8322
SMC SP-34 3.50E-14 1.05E-13 3.0000 4.08E-15 1.20E-14 2.9412
  average ratio:     3.0215     2.9246

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