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Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) gallery

Images from HST program 8663. The standard image dimensions are 3x3 arcseconds (59x59 pixels), but for extended objects and the combined H-alpha and [N II] images, dimensions are expanded (in integer arcseconds) as needed. See the individual object notes. Click on images to enlarge 4X.

Object Broad-band [OIII] H-alpha + [NII]
J-3 J-3 Broad-band J-3 in [O III] J-3 in H-alpha + [N II]
J-4 J-4 Broad-band J-4 in [O III] J-4 in H-alpha + [N II]
J-8 J-8 Broad-band J-8 in [O III] J-8 in H-alpha + [N II]
J-11 J-11 Broad-band J-11 in [O III] J-11 in H-alpha + [N II]
J-18 J-18 Broad-band - J-18 in H-alpha + [N II]
J-19 J-19 Broad-band J-19 in [O III] J-19 in H-alpha
J-20 J-20 Broad-band J-20 in [O III] J-20 in H-alpha
J-23 J-23 Broad-band - J-23 in H-alpha + [N II]
J-26 J-26 Broad-band J-26 in [O III] J-26 in H-alpha
J-27 J-27 Broad-band - J-27 in H-alpha + [N II]
MA-1682 MA-1682 Broad-band - MA-1682 in H-alpha + [N II]
MA-1762 MA-1762 Broad-band - MA-1762 in H-alpha + [N II]
MG-8 MG-8 Broad-band MG-8 in [O III] MG-8 in H-alpha
MG-13 MG-13 Broad-band - MG-13 in H-alpha
SMP-1 SMP-1 Broad-band SMP-1 in [O III] SMP-1 in H-alpha
SMP-6 SMP-6 Broad-band SMP-6 in [O III] SMP-6 in H-alpha
SMP-8 SMP-8 Broad-band SMP-8 in [O III] SMP-8 in H-alpha
SMP-12 SMP-12 Broad-band SMP-12 in [O III] SMP-12 in H-alpha
SMP-14 SMP-14 Broad-band SMP-14 in [O III] SMP-14 in H-alpha + [N II]
SMP-17 SMP-17 Broad-band SMP-17 in [O III] SMP-17 in H-alpha + [N II]
SMP-20 SMP-20 Broad-band SMP-20 in [O III] SMP-20 in H-alpha
SMP-22 SMP-22 Broad-band SMP-22 in [O III] SMP-22 in H-alpha
SMP-24 SMP-24 Broad-band SMP-24 in [O III] SMP-24 in H-alpha + [N II]
SMP-25 SMP-25 Broad-band SMP-25 in [O III] SMP-25 in H-alpha + [N II]
SMP-26 SMP-26 Broad-band SMP-26 in [O III] SMP-26 in H-alpha + [N II]
SMP-27 SMP-27 Broad-band SMP-27 in [O III] SMP-27 in H-alpha + [N II]
SP-34 SP-34 Broad-band SP-34 in [O III] SP-34 in H-alpha
Object Broad-band [OIII] H-alpha + [NII]

Our images below reveal that the following objects were improperly classified as planetary nebulae -- they are actually star-forming H II regions. See the corresponding color composite images.

Object Broad-band [OIII] H-alpha + [NII]
MA-1796 MA-1796 Broad-band MA-1796 in [O III] MA-1796 in H-alpha + [N II]


MA-1797 Broad-band MA-1797 in [O III] MA-1797 in H-alpha and [N II]
MG-2 MG-2 Broad-band MG-2 in [O III] MG-2 in H-alpha

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