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Downloading FITS data

For processed GIF thumbnail images of objects, see our image galleries. To download FITS data for further scientific analysis, use "anonymous ftp", for example:
> ftp
Name: anonymous
ftp> cd /pub/mcpn/
ftp> ls

8271   (FITS data from HST/STIS program 8271)
8702   (FITS data from HST/WFPC2 program 8702)
8663   (FITS data from HST/STIS program 8663)
9077   (FITS data from HST/STIS program 9077)
9120   (FITS data from HST/STIS program 9120)
ref    (all calibration reference files)

ftp> cd 8271           
ftp> prompt            (turns off prompting for every file)
ftp> mget *crj.fits    (gets all calibrated FITS data in directory)
File naming conventions:
*_raw.fits    (raw uncalibrated STIS data)
*_crj.fits    (calibrated and combined STIS data)
*_x1d.fits    (1D spectral extraction for STIS data)

*_d0f.fits    (raw uncalibrated WFPC2 data)
*_c0f.fits    (calibrated WFPC2 data)

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