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Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) gallery

Images from HST programs 8271 and 8702. The standard image size is 3x3 arcseconds (59x59 STIS pixels or 65x65 WFPC2/PC pixels), which is extended (in integer arcseconds) for the more extended objects. Click to enlarge images (4X).

Object Broadband [O III] H-alpha + [N II] Strömgren y
SMP 4 Broad-band [O III] SMP 4 in H-alpha -
SMP 9 SMP-9 Broad-band SMP-9 in [O III] SMP-9 in H-alpha SMP-9 in Strömgren y
SMP 10 Broad-band SMP 10 in [O III] SMP 10 in H-alpha -
SMP 13 SMP-13 Broad-band SMP-13 in [O III] SMP-13 in H-alpha + [N II] -
SMP 16 Broad-band [O III] H-alpha SMP-16 in Strömgren y
SMP 18 Broad-band [O III] H-alpha -
SMP 19 Broad-band [O III] H-alpha SMP-19 in Strömgren y
SMP 25 SMP-25 Broad-band SMP-25 in [O III] SMP-25 in H-alpha -
SMP 27
Broad-band [O III] H-alpha -
SMP 28 Broad-band [O III] H-alpha -
SMP 30 SMP-30 Broad-band SMP-30 in [O III] SMP-30 in H-alpha SMP-30 in Strömgren y
SMP 31 SMP-31 Broad-band SMP-31 in [O III] SMP-31 in H-alpha -
SMP 34 Broad-band [O III] H-alpha -
J 41 J-41 Broad-band no data J-41 in H-alpha -
SMP 46 Broad-band [O III] H-alpha SMP-46 in Strömgren y
SMP 53 Broad-band [O III] H-alpha SMP-53 in Strömgren y
SMP 58 Broad-band [O III] H-alpha -
SMP 59 SMP-59 Broad-band SMP-59 [O III] SMP-59 H-alpha -
SMP 65 SMP-65 Broad-band SMP-65 in [O III] SMP-65 in H-alpha + [N II] -
SMP 71 SMP-71 Broad-band SMP-71 in [O III] SMP-71 in H-alpha + [N II] -
SMP 78 Broad-band [O III] H-alpha SMP-78 in Strömgren y
SMP 79 Broad-band [O III] H-alpha -
SMP 80 Broad-band [O III] H-alpha -
SMP 81 SMP-81 Broad-band SMP-81 in [O III] SMP-81 in H-alpha + [N II] -
SMP 93 SMP-93 Broad-band SMP-93 in [O III] SMP-93 in H-alpha + [N II] -
SMP 94 SMP-94 Broad-band SMP-94 in [O III] SMP-94 in H-alpha -
SMP 95 SMP-95 Broad-band SMP-95 in [O III] SMP-95 in H-alpha + [N II] -
SMP 100 SMP-100 Broad-band SMP-100 in [O III] SMP-100 in H-alpha + [N II] -
SMP 102 Broad-band [O III] H-alpha -
Object Broadband [OIII] H-alpha + [NII] Strömgren y

The following are WFPC2 images from programs 6407 and 8702.

Object [O III] 5007 H-alpha Strömgren y
SMP 15 SMP-15 in [O III] SMP-15 in H-alpha -
SMP 33 SMP-33 in [O III] SMP-33 in H-alpha SMP-33 in Strömgren y
SMP 41 SMP-41 in [O III] SMP-41 in H-alpha -
SMP 42 SMP-42 in [O III] SMP-42 in H-alpha SMP-42 in Strömgren y
SMP 50 SMP-50 in [O III] SMP-50 in H-alpha SMP-50 in Strömgren y
SMP 52 SMP-52 in [O III] SMP-52 in H-alpha SMP-52 in Strömgren y
SMP 54 SMP-54 in [O III] SMP-54 in H-alpha -
SMP 55 SMP-55 in [O III] SMP-55 in H-alpha -
SMP 56 SMP-56 in [O III] SMP-56 in H-alpha SMP-56 in Strömgren y
SMP 63 SMP-63 in [O III] SMP-63 in H-alpha SMP-63 in Strömgren y
SMP 77 SMP-77 in [O III] SMP-77 in H-alpha -
SMP 99 SMP-99 in [O III] SMP-99 in H-alpha -
Object [O III] 5007 H-alpha Strömgren y

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