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HLSP Contribution Request Form

This form will initiate the process of contributing a High Level Science Product collection to MAST. Do not submit this form for delivering updates or additions to an existing HLSP collection. An asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

  1. *Title of the HLSP collection:

  2. *A suggested acronym or single-word name for the HLSP collection:

  3. *Who is the HLSP project Principal Investigator (PI)?
    • Name:
    • Institution:
    • Email:
  4. Who is the primary contact for the HLSP project data (if different from PI)?
    • Name:
    • Institution:
    • Email:
  5. *Is it likely that your HLSP data will be revised or supplemented after the initial delivery?
    • Yes
    • No
  6. *Which types of data products will be included in the collection (check all that apply)?
    • images
    • spectra
    • light curves
    • catalog
    • model
    • simulation
    • other
  7. Is there an external event, (e.g., publication of a paper or a press release) to which making these HLSP data products public in MAST should be tied? If so, please describe the constraint.
  8. Provide bibliographic information (including link to ADS) for each refereed paper, one per line, that describes the HLSP collection, if any:

  9. *Indicate your acceptance of the following terms for hosting this HLSP collection in MAST by ticking the checkbox abelow.
    • I and my collaborators (if any) are the creators of this HSLP collection, and I/we have the right to provide the collection to the Space Telescope Science Institute/Mikulski Archive at Space Telescope (MAST). We grant MAST license to repackage, redistribute freely to the community in any medium or form, and build services that act upon, the data in this collection subject to a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This CC BY 4.0 license requires that users of these data products acknowledge the collection creators and MAST.

    Note: agreeing to the above hosting and distribution terms is a requirement of accepting an HLSP data collection for archiving within MAST.