FUSE Mission Status Report

Mission Status Report #6      Star Date: June 29, 1999

Photo: FUSE launch photo, courtesy of NASA. (Click photo to see larger version.)


Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 15:50:29 -0400 (EDT)
From: Bill Oegerle 
Subject: FUSE IOC, June 29

FUSE IOC news, June 29, 1999 

We encountered a few setbacks yesterday in loading thermal control
tables, the upshot being that we fell slightly behind in the satellite 
warm up procedure.  However, our thermal engineer has created new control 
tables to accelerate the warm-up process, so we will soon be back on track.

Today was a good day for FUSE.  This morning the newly revised thermal 
control tables were uplinked.  All temperature zones are now stabilized
at the expected values.  Another table will be uploaded later today to
begin warm up of the upper electronics panel.

A series of small slews were commanded to verify proper polarity in an
end-to-end fashion:  the slews were commanded from mission planning to 
the instrument computer to the spacecraft ACS. These tests were
successful. We know which way is which!

The mirror assembly electronics were powered on, and the telemetry
indicates that all is nominal. (Remember that FUSE has four mirrors which
need to be focussed and aligned individually.)

We also performed a pre-cursor test for tomorrow's Bright Object Sensor    
calibration.  We commanded a slew of 45 degrees from beta = 60 to
beta=105 (i.e., 75 degrees from the sun), to see how much the door 
activation "HOPS" would respond.  Their enclosure temperature only went up
a couple of degrees, so we are now confident about the safety of the BOS  
calibration slews to be done tomorrow. These slews will point FUSE within
20 degrees of the sun (which is OK now since baffle doors are still closed!).
Normally we will not point FUSE anywhere near this close to the sun, but it
is an important safety test to verify that the BOS would close the doors if we
ever did!

There will be a low voltage power on of the FUV detector tomorrow 
morning, followed by turning on FES-B, and the BOS calibration.

    --Bill Oegerle, Science Ops Lead

Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 10:12:40 -0400 
From: JB Joyce 
Subject: FUSE Status Report-June 29,1999

 Please be advised of the latest FUSE status:

  * All primary spacecraft subsystems continue to function nominally 
     - Spacecraft subsystem monitoring and trending are ongoing

  * FUSE Satellite Control Center Systems continue to operate nominally
     - JHU/UPRM ground station support is nominal

  * Table load commands successfully uplinked and executed using Universal
     Space Network's Hawaii ground station

  * Thermal control initiation continued. All temperatures and currents look 

  * IDS-A activation and checkout continued

 Planned Activities:

  * Polarity slew tests

  * Mirror Assembly Electronics (MAE) power on
   *                                  *
   *  J.B.Joyce                       *
   *  FUSE Mission Operations Manager *
   *                                  *

Reported by: Bill Oegerle, Science Ops Lead, and J. B. Joyce, Mission Operations Manager

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