Mission Status Report

Mission Status Report #3      Star Date: June 26, 1999

Photos: FUSE launch photos, courtesy of NASA. (Click photos to see larger version.)


Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 17:48:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: Bill Oegerle 
Subject: FUSE IOC, day 2

FUSE IOC (in-orbit checkout), day 2

All spacecraft subsystems continue to work as planned.  The attitude
solution from the magnetometers has converged, and the drift rate appears
to very low -- however, this won't be confirmed until we can take some
pictures with the FES.

The Coarse Sun Sensor "follow" test was executed today, in which the 
attitude of the spacecraft was controlled by the coarse sun sensors.
This went very well. The spacecraft was also succesfully commanded into
safe-pointing mode. Over the next few hours, plans are being made to  
transition into "inertial science mode", where the gyros control the
attitude (from filtered magnetometer data).

The orbit is still not well determined, but the latest indications are that
the eccentricity is somewhat higher than expected (e=0.0011).  This would
imply a 14 km difference between perigee and apogee.  Even if this 
holds up, it should not have any adverse effect on the mission.

Current plans are to turn on the instrument flight computer (IDS) this Sunday,
and begin turning on the instrument heaters.

--Bill Oegerle, Science Ops Lead

Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 10:03:53 -0400
From: JB Joyce 
Subject: FUSE Status Report-June 26,1999

Please be advised of the latest FUSE status:


 0 Control modes verified:
   - Coarse Sun Sensor Follow
   - Safe Pointing
   - Inertial Science
   - Inertial Hold

 0 Solar Arrays moved to the 60 degree position
 0 Clock Correlation and adjustment implemented

 0 All primary spacecraft subsystems continue to function nominally 

 0 FUSE Satellite Control Systems continues to operate nominally.

     Planned Activities for June 26,1999

 0 Coarse Sun Sensor Calibration
  - 7 Slews
 0 Instrument Data System (IDS) Turn on

   *                                  *
   *  J.B.Joyce                       *
   *  FUSE Mission Operations Manager *
   *                                  *

Reported by: Bill Oegerle, Science Ops Lead, and J. B. Joyce, Mission Operations Manager

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