Number 7, April 1999


1) FUSE Observers Advisory Committee (FOAC), correction
2) Launch date update
3) Live FUSE images from KSC

1) FUSE Observers Advisory Committee (FOAC), correction

	Somewhere along the way, from draft inputs to final distribution, we 
managed to drop one name off the list of FOAC members in the March Newsletter.
Dr. You-Hua Chu of the University of Illinois is a FOAC member and should have 
been included in the list.  We apologize for this faux pas.  The full list of
FOAC members is;

       Name                           Institution 
   Joel Bregman                   Univ. of Michigan 
   You-Hua Chu			  Univ. of Illinois
   Jean-Michel Deharveng          LAS/Marseilles 
   Steven Federman                Univ. of Toledo 
   Edward Guinan                  Villanova Univ. 
   Graham Harper                  Univ. of Colorado 
   John Hutchings                 DAO/Canada 
   Anuradha Koratkar              STScI 
   John Raymond                   Center for Astrophysics 
   Peter Wannier                  JPL 

2) Launch date update

	The FUSE launch date was changed last week from May 20 to May 27, 1999,
because of changes in the Delta rocket launch schedule immediately preceding 
FUSE.  FUSE must use the same launch facility (Pad 17A) at Cape Canaveral Air 
Station as this other payload, a GPS satellite.  The rocket for the GPS launch 
is already on the pad, so FUSE can't go anywhere until they blast off. If there
are further delays in the GPS launch it will directly effect the FUSE launch 
date.  As the schedule currently stands, NASA will launch FUSE on May 27, with 
May 28 as a backup date in the event of weather or technical delays.  The 
sequence of events for the FUSE launch to stay on schedule: Delta III launch 
on April 21 followed by the Delta II (GPS) launch on May 4.  While we do not 
expect further delays, in the space business anything is possible.  We will 
keep the FUSE web site (http://fuse.pha.jhu.edu) up to date with the latest 

	The major milestones for the FUSE satellite on its march to orbit are 
summarized below for a launch on May 27, 1999.

May 2        Install flight batteries
May 17       Install solar arrays
May 20       Transport FUSE to launch pad
May 23       Install fairing around satellite
May 27       Launch - window is 11:35 am to 12:53 pm

3) Live FUSE images from KSC 

	For those of you who want to see what is happening to the FUSE 
satellite *RIGHT NOW*, KSC provides a (quasi) real-time video feed from the 
FUSE processing in hangar AE at Cape Canaveral Air Station.


The Observer's Electronic Newsletter is published Monthly by the FUSE project
and is aimed at the FUSE user community.

Editor: B-G Andersson, FUSE Guest Investigator Officer.

The FUSE Project is managed by Johns Hopkins University's Center for 
Astrophysical Sciences in Baltimore, MD, for NASA's Goddard Space Flight 
Center.  The FUSE Principal Investigator is Dr. Warren Moos, the FUSE Project 
Manager at JHU is Mr. Dennis McCarthy, and the NASA Project Scientist for FUSE 
is Dr. George Sonneborn.

Further information about the FUSE Guest Investigator Program can  be
obtained from:  Dr. George Sonneborn; sonneborn@stars.gsfc.nasa.gov

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