Number 41, May 2007

May 9, 2007

Dear Colleagues,

On  May 8, 2007, FUSE went into safe mode following an anomaly with
the skew reaction wheel.  Science operations have been suspended
while the FUSE project and NASA diagnose this problem.  We do not yet
know the prognosis for restarting the stalled wheel, which is
required for science pointing and slewing. Those of you who have
Cycle 8 observing programs recently were sent letters from NASA HQ
about submitting budgets by June 30, 2007.  If necessary, the
deadline will be extended due to this interruption in the science
program.  The instructions for submitting budgets, which are
immediately relevant to those who already have Cycle 8 observations,
will be posted in the FUSE GI web site this week.  Cycle 8 PIs are
asked to precede with their budget preparations as planned.

George Sonneborn
FUSE Project Scientist

The Observer's Electronic Newsletter is published by the FUSE project and is aimed at the FUSE user community.

Editor: B-G Andersson, FUSE Guest Investigator Officer.

The FUSE Project is managed by the Johns Hopkins University's Center for Astrophysical Sciences in Baltimore, MD, for NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. The FUSE Principal Investigator is Dr. Warren Moos, the FUSE Program Manager at JHU is Mr. Randy Ewing, and the NASA Project Scientist for FUSE is Dr. George Sonneborn.

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