Number 27, July 2003


1) FUSE Cycle 5 NRA & Call for Proposals Released
2) Potential computer security concern for MAST users
3) Newsletter send list updated

1) FUSE Cycle 5 NRA & Call for Proposals Released

        The Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE) project is pleased to
announce the release of the call for proposals for the fifth year of general 
observations ("Cycle 5").  The NASA Research Announcement (NRA-03-OSS-01-FUSE) 
and Cycle 5 proposal instructions were released on July 3, 2003. Notices of 
Intent may be submitted by August 8.  Proposals are due to NASA by 
September 19, 2003.

	The FUSE satellite performs high-resolution spectroscopy of the far 
ultraviolet (905-1187 ) spectral region with high sensitivity.  Staring with 
Cycle 4 all the observing time of the FUSE mission is available to the general 
astronomical community through the NRA process.  Approximately 6000 kilo 
seconds of on-target exposure time will be allocated to GI programs in Cycle 5.

	This year the FUSE Guest Investigator program is part of NASA's 
Research Opportunities in Space Science (ROSS) NRA.  FUSE proposal preparation 
and submission procedures are very similar to that in Cycle 4, however the 
on-line documentation for the NRA and proposal instructions has a different 
organization.  Please consult the web sites listed below.

	Starting in Cycle 5 a new proposal category, "Legacy Programs", is 
available.  This proposal category provides the opportunity for large, coherent 
projects of general and lasting importance to a wide astrophysical audience.  
As in cycle 4, the "standard" and "survey" proposal categories are also 

For further information please consult the following  web sites:

FUSE Cycle 5 program description and proposal instructions:


Technical information is available from the FUSE mission web site:


General programmatic information for the ROSS-2003 NRA and its FUSE Cycle 5 

2) Potential computer security concern for MAST users

	Several FUSE observers have brought to my attention a potential 
computer security concern for users of the Multi-Mission Archive at Space 
Telescope (MAST), which hosts the FUSE data archive.  When retrieving data from 
the archive using file transfer protocol (ftp) from MAST direct to the 
requester's computer, the MAST system presently uses standard ftp to execute 
the file transfer. This is the only data retrieval option for FUSE proprietary 
data. (The anonymous ftp data transfer option for non-proprietary data avoids 
this security concern.)  One university IT system administrators has questioned 
this procedure because of the potential for the user's home account password to 
be compromised in the process.  This concern would apply to any data sets 
retrieved from MAST using direct ftp, not only FUSE data.   A future upgrade of 
the MAST system will implement a secure ftp procedure, eliminating this concern.
This notice is being circulated at the request of the FOAC (Please see 

George Sonneborn
FUSE Project Scientist

3) Newsletter send list updated

	With the completed ingest of the FUSE cycle 4 proposals, we have taken
the opportunity to update the send list for the FUSE Observer's Electronic 
Newsletter.  While we have endeavored to exclude duplicate e-mail addresses, 
some aliases may have gone unnoticed.  Hence, if you receive multiple copies of 
this newsletter, please check to see if they arrive through different addresses.
If so, you can unsubscribe the duplicates by sending an e-mail to 

        unsubscribe fuse_news your_username@your.machine.ext

Should you receive multiple copies through the same address, please let us know
by sending us an e-mail at fuse_support@pha.jhu.edu.  We apologize for any

The Observer's Electronic Newsletter is published by the FUSE project and is aimed at the FUSE user community.

Editor: B-G Andersson, FUSE Guest Investigator Officer.

The FUSE Project is managed by Johns Hopkins University's Center for Astrophysical Sciences in Baltimore, MD, for NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. The FUSE Principal Investigator is Dr. Warren Moos, the FUSE Project Manager at JHU is Mr. Randy Ewing, and the NASA Project Scientist for FUSE is Dr. George Sonneborn.

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