Number 23, December 2002


1) FUSE Quick-Look Spectra Now at MAST
2) Cycle 4 Proposal Review
3) Holidays Wishes from the FUSE Project

1) FUSE Quick-Look Spectra Now at MAST

	Have you ever wanted a quick look at a FUSE spectrum without having to 
download the data?  Now you can have one.  For each observation in the FUSE 
archive, we have produced a single image file in GIF format containing the 
summed spectra from each exposure in that observation.  We call these files 
quick-look images.  A total of 2444 images, virtually the entire nonproprietary 
FUSE data set, are now available.  Just click on the "Data ID" column on the 
FUSE Search Results page.

	Caveats: Because the individual spectra are not aligned before being 
summed, quick-look spectra should not be used for scientific analysis.  Also, 
most of these data have not yet been reprocessed with CalFUSE v2.2, so the 
quick-look files were generated from an old version (sometimes a very old 
version) of CalFUSE.  Finally, no quick-look files are presently available for 
proprietary data, though MAST is working on tools to allow password-protected 
access to such files.

	As archival FUSE data are reprocessed with CalFUSE v2.2 and the 
resulting files delivered to MAST, these temporary images will be replaced with 
a more sophisticated preview page including count-rate plots and spectra for 
individual exposures.  The switch to the new preview page should be automatic 
and transparent to the user.

2) Cycle 4 Proposal Review

	The peer review of Cycle 4 Guest Investigator proposals was held on 
December 10-12, 2002.  The proposal pool consisted of a total of 179 proposals 
yielding an over-subscription rate of approximately 3.  NASA expects to 
announce the results of the review in mid-January 2003, before the deadline 
for Cycle 12 HST proposals.

3) Holidays Wishes from the FUSE Project

	We at the FUSE project would like to take this opportunity to wish all 
our users, friends and colleagues Happy Holidays and a Happy and Successful 
New Year!

The Observer's Electronic Newsletter is published by the FUSE project and is aimed at the FUSE user community.

Editor: B-G Andersson, FUSE Guest Investigator Officer.

The FUSE Project is managed by Johns Hopkins University's Center for Astrophysical Sciences in Baltimore, MD, for NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. The FUSE Principal Investigator is Dr. Warren Moos, the FUSE Project Manager at JHU is Mr. J.B. Joyce, and the NASA Project Scientist for FUSE is Dr. George Sonneborn.

Further information about the FUSE Guest Investigator Program can be obtained from: Dr. George Sonneborn; sonneborn@stars.gsfc.nasa.gov

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