549. The EUVE Guest Observer Program (Miller, 1993)


The EUVE Spectrometer is operated under the EUVE Guest Observer Program by NASA and UC Berkeley. The Spectrometer covers the wavelength range of 70--760 A in three overlapping bands at a resolution of 100--400. Guest observers receive time-tagged photon event lists, and instrument and spacecraft housekeeping data. Data is delivered with software tools that run in the Image Reduction and Analysis Facility and are tailored for handling EUVE satellite data. Processing software sorts all data into a set of time-ordered tables that can be listed or displayed graphically. Instrumental effects are removed from the data, and photon events are tagged with corrected position and wavelength, producing imagelike event lists which preserve arrival times and other information. Software for data quality selection, spectrum extraction, time-series processing and spectral model comparison can be used directly on the event list files.




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