543. The Initial Data Products from the EUVE Software: A Photon's Journey Through the End-to-End System (Antia, 1993)


The End-to-End System (EES) is a unique collection of software modules created for use at the Center for EUV Astrophysics. The "pipeline" is a shell script which executes selected EES modules and creates initial data products: skymaps, data sets for individual sources (called "pigeonholes") and catalogues of sources. This article emphasizes the data from the all-sky survey, conducted between July 22, 1992 and January 21, 1993. A description of each of the major data products will be given and, as an example of how the pipeline works, the reader will follow a photon's path through the soft- ware pipeline into a pigeonhole. These data products are the primary goal of the EUVE all-sky survey mission, and so their relative importance for the follow-up science will also be discussed.



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