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VI. Accomodations and Travel To and From Princeton

Only two hotels, The Nassau Inn and the Peacock Inn, are located close enough to campus for easy walking to Peyton Hall. These and others in the area are listed below and are indicated on the accompanying map (Figure 10).

With one exception, all of the listed accommodations are typical American hotels or motels, with television, private bathrooms, and air conditioning. The exception is the Peacock Inn, which is similar to a traditional New England Inn, having no television or air conditioning, and in many rooms no private bath. It is requested that Guest Investigators make their own arrangements for accommodations.

Airline connections are readily found to either New York (and Newark) or Philadelphia. Ground transportation from either city to Princeton is available.

Train connections to Trenton and sometimes Princeton Junction and thence to Princeton (by shuttle train) can be made from Washington, Philadelphia, New York or Newark. Taxi fare from the Trenton railroad station is roughly $7.00. Bus service from New York (not Newark) to Princeton is provided every 30 minutes. For bus connections with Philadelphia or Washington one must go to Trenton and change buses.

Rental cars can be obtained at all airports; the easiest one from which to reach Princeton by car is Newark. Limousine service is available from Newark and Kennedy Airports (Salem Transportation Company).