Guest Investigator Application

           Princeton Ultraviolet Spectrometer, Copernicus Satellite

        This proposal is submitted in response to NASA Memo Change 47 to
                   NHB 8030 1A (J.E. Naugle, 3 July, 1972).


1.  Name:

2.  Address and Telephone Number:

3.  Title of Proposed Program:

4.  Scientific background and justification of proposed research
         (use separate paper):

5.  Proposed target objects (list star name, HD number, U and V magnitudes,
    spectral type, and note presence of any companion less than 5' away which
    is less than two magnitudes fainter):

6.  Estimated AGC values and photomultiplier count rates (for 14 sec
    integrations in the spectral regions of interest:

7.  Features and regions to be scanned for each star, with estimated
    integration times (NOTE:  total observing time should not exceed 24 

8.  Funding and Guest Investigator activity:  State expected sources of 
    support for proposed research (including necessary travel to Princeton),
    give estimated fraction of working time which each Guest Investigator or
    research assistant plans to commit to the proposed research program and
    name those expected to travel to Princeton for planning the observations
    and reducing data.

9.  Vita of prospective Guest Investigator

10. Bibliography

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