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NOTE: Most of the High Level Science Products are unavailable while unscheduled maintenance is being performed. They will be incrementally restored over the course of this week. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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MAST Users Group Meeting
December 15-16, 2016
STScI Cafeteria Conference Room


Glossary / Acronym List

Thursday December 15, 2016
8:30-9:00 Breakfast and Coffee  
Session 1 (overview, general items)
9:00 Welcome and Introduction Rick White/
Karen Levay
9:05 Introduce Arfon Smith Ken Sembach
9:30 MAST Overview
include SciPortal, WFIRST
Karen Levay MUG-Dec2016-Introduction.pdf
10:00 NAVO questions and VO work Discussion NAVO_for_MUG-Dec2016.pdf
10:30 Coffee Break
Session 2
10:45 Newsletter and Forum Jonathan Hargis MUG-Dec2016-Newsletterforum.pdf
11:00 Website/Documentation Redesign Sarah Weissman MUG-Dec2016-Website_Redesign.pdf
11:30 Metadata improvements (DOI, UAT, Astrotag) Sarah Weissman MUG-Dec2016-Metadata_Updates.pdf
12:00 Lunch
Session 3
1:00 JWST Mark Kyprianou/
Anastasia Alexov
1:30 TESS / Kepler Scott Fleming MUG-Dec2016-KeplerTESS-Fleming.pdf
2:00 Survey ResultsDiscussion
2:30 Gaia/Astrometry Project Stefano Casertano MUG_HST_astrometry.pdf
3:00 Coffee Break
Session 4
3:15 HLA / HSC Lee Quick MUG-Dec2016-hla.hsc.pdf
3:45 Subscription Service Oliver Oberdorf MUG-Dec2016-Subscription-Service.pdf
4:00 HST Instrument Calibration UpdatesGisella de Rosa (COS), John Debes (STIS), Norman Grogin (ACS), Ivelina Momcheva (WFC3) MUG-Dec2016-STIS.pdf
Friday, December 16, 2016
8:30-9:00 Breakfast and Coffee  
Session 5
9:00StarCloud / SciServerViviana Acosta and Jonathan Hargis MUG-Dec2016-STScI_Science_Cloud_Evaluation.pdf
9:30SciPortalClara Brasseur MUG-Dec2016-SciPortal.pdf
10:00 Coffee Break
Session 6
10:15Portal Updates
(advanced search, album view)
Tony Rogers MUG-Dec2016-PortalDemo.pdf
11:00PanSTARRSRick White 20MUG-PS1_White_2016dec.pdf
1:00 MUG Executive Session / Discussion