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Kepler Results Catalog

After searching the light curves of more than 160,000 stars for planetary transits, the Kepler mission has summarized its discoveries in three tables. These tables describe signals due to potential planets and eclipsing binaries. It also provides a list of targets with transits that have proven to be false positives. These tables will be updated as the analysis of the data continues.

  1. Kepler Objects of Interest (KOI)
    This table lists planet candidates, false positives, confirmed planets, and Kepler targets of general interest. (Note the KOI will eventually replace the existing "False Positive table" and the "Released Candidates table".)

  2. Planetary Candidates
    A table of planetary candidates found by searching for transits in the Kepler light curves. This table gives planetary parameters measured from the observed transits along with host star information. Planets confirmed using techniques such as spectroscopy and transit timing methods are noted with links to the relevant papers.

  3. False Positives
    A table of targets exhibiting planet-like transits that proved to be due to some other effect. The reason each target was designated a false positive is given in the table.

  4. Eclipsing Binaries
    A table of the known eclipsing binaries observed with Kepler.