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3.10.2 Estimates Based on Merged Log Data

The observer may also get a better feeling for exposure times by looking through the IUE Observatory Merged Log, a listing of all IUE images to date, for exposures of similar objects and by discussing the planned observations with the Resident Astronomers in advance. Most Merged Log entries contain data indicating the exposure level in DN for the maximum continuum level, emission lines if present, and a mean background level. A browse file of photowrites (photographic reproductions of raw and processed images) and copies of the original scripts for all GSFC images is available at GSFC for GO use. Note, the browse files may be replaced by an on-line version sometime in 1992. The scaling procedures for going from high to low dispersion and for varying apertures is the same in Section 3.10.1.

Last updated: 11 June 1997