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3.4 Adding Targets

Targets not on the original proposal list may nevertheless be observed, subject to the prior approval by the IUE Project Scientist. A list of general guidelines for adding targets to a program follows. Full details are given by Kondo and Holm (1982).

  1. The scientific reasons for adding a target should be relevant to the current IUE program. For example, you should not add a suddenly brightened QSO as a target to an IUE program to observe B stars!
  2. In requesting Project approval, the Principal Investigator must write to the Project Scientist, describing the scientific reasons for observing the target(s) and explaining why it was not on the original target list.
  3. The written request should include a completed Observation Specification Form and the following information: the five-letter program ID code, the target name, 1950.0 coordinates, visual magnitude, and IUE object class for each new target. Copies of the form can be found in the Proposal Instruction package, the GO packet at the beginning of the episode, with this guide (see Appendix E), or are available from the Observatory on request. Observations of added targets will be permitted only at the precise coordinates as stated on the form.
  4. The request for additional targets should reach the Observatory several weeks prior to the observing run.
  5. It is recommended that at least 75 percent of your observing time be devoted to targets specified in your original proposal.

Last updated: 11 June 1997