Astro-1 15th Anniversary Party, Dec. 8, 2005 at JHU

The pictures shown here were taken by Mary Romelfanger, Wei Zheng, and myself. When I combined them into the web page format, they all got rearranged and so they are displayed in no particular order, and (unfortunately) there are no individual attributions. (Sorry-this was the fastest, easiest way to get them available!) No editing or weeding out of nearly duplicate images has been done.

Clicking on any of the individual photos brings up a larger version, saved as 1024x768 (i.e. big enough for 4x6 printing but not taking as much space or download bandwidth as the original images). If anyone wants the original, highest resolution version of any of these images, I guess you need to contact me with the specific image info and I can get it to you.

Thanks, all, for a lovely event, and enjoy perusing the pictures!

			- Bill Blair

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DSCN1037.JPG DSC00657 DSC00658
DSCN1041.JPG DSC00659 DSCN1042.JPG
DSCN1043.JPG DSCN1044.JPG 539_3938
539_3939 539_3940 539_3941
DSCN1048.JPG DSCN1049.JPG DSC00660
DSC00661 DSC00662 DSC00663

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