JWST Preparatory Programs

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is NASA's flagship mission scheduled to launch in October 2018, that will offer extensive photometric and spectroscopic capabilities in the 0.7-28 micron wavelength region. In some cases, Hubble observations are essential to achieving critical science goals for future JWST programs.The JWST Initiative, starting with HST Cycle 24, is designed to provide an opportunity to obtain observations with Hubble that complement and enhance the scientific impact of JWST observations. The following accepted proposals indicated that they were preparatory programs for accomplishing breakthrough science with JWST.

The links below give bibliographical information related to each accepted program. The planned orbit counts may not be completely accurate especially for multi-cycle programs.

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First Cycle for the Program Proposal
Title PI Planned External Orbits* Planned Parallel Orbits* Number of Refereed Papers Associated with Program
24 14807
Stellar Populations The primordial binary fraction in the young massive cluster Westerlund 2 Sabbi, Elena 33 0 0
24 14797 ExoPlanets Atmospheric Albedos, Alkalis, and Aerosols of Hot Jupiters Crossfield, Ian 44 0 1
24 14767 ExoPlanets The Panchromatic Comparative Exoplanetary Treasury Program Sing, David Kent 498 0 3
24 14764
ExoPlanets Measuring the structure of Fomalhaut's dusty debris belt via a fortuitous stellar occultation Meshkat, Tiffany 2 0 0
24 14758 ExoPlanets The Hydrogen Content of a Rocky Earth-Size Exoplanet Berta-Thompson, Zach K. 20 0 0
24 14747 Galaxies Lyman Continuum Escape Survey (LACES): Detecting Ionizing Radiation from z~3 LAEs with Powerful Optical Lines Robertson, Brant 64 0 0
24 14734 Stellar Pops Milky Way Cosmology: Laying the Foundation for Full 6-D Dynamical Mapping of the Nearby Universe Kallivayalil, Nitya 164 0 0
24 14711 Stellar Populations A Deep WFC3/IR Bulge Luminosity Function: toward the Hydrogen Burning Limit Rich, R. Michael 8 0 0
24 14689 Stellar Populations MYSST: Mapping Young Stars in Space and Time - The HII Complex N44 in the LMC Gouliermis, Dimitrios 54 0 0
24 14652 Galaxies Super-Eight: The brightest z~8 Galaxies Holwerda, Benne Willem 16 0 0
24 14642 ExoPlanets A Preparatory Program to Identify the Single Best Transiting Exoplanet for JWST Early Release Science Stevenson, Kevin B. 8 0 1
24 14622 Galaxies A Chance Alignment: Resolving a Massive Compact Galaxy Actively Quenching at z=1.8 Whitaker, Katherine E. 12 0 0
24 14616 Solar System Primordial Triplicity: A Census of Hierarchical Triples in the Cold Classical Kuiper Belt Porter, Simon 6 0 0
First Cycle for the Program Proposal
Title PI Planned External Orbits* Planned Parallel Orbits* Number of Papers Associated with Program