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FUSE Instrument Publications

  1. Ozard, S., & Morbey, C. 1993, PASP, 105, 625-629
    "The application of artificial neural networks for telescope guidance - A feasibility study for Lyman FUSE"

  2. Morbey, C., & Hutchings, J. B. 1993, Appl. Opt., 32, 3570-3584
    "Telescope baffle performance for Lyman Far Ultraviolet Spectrographic Explorer"

  3. Duban, M. 1993, Appl. Opt., 32, 4253-4264
    "Comparison of grating designs for the Lyman Far-Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer spectrograph"

  4. Murowinski, R. G., Gao, L., & Deen, M. J. 1993, Proc. SPIE, 1953, 71-81
    "Effects of space-radiation damage and temperature on CCD noise for the Lyman FUSE mission"

  5. Sahnow, D. J., Bowers, C. W., Siegmund, O. H., Stock, J. M., & Gummin, M. A. 1993, Proc. SPIE, 1945, 390-397
    "FUSE microchannel plate detectors: models and data for resolution at the pore limit"

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