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Spectral Power Density Estimation

To generate a periodogram for the lightcurve, use ttag_lightcurve_periodogram

  ttag_lightcurve_periodogram [-h] [-v level] input_file output_file
                                              minf, maxf, stepf
  input_file  : an ASCII file with 2 columns :
                   - time (JD or MJD, Helio- or Geo-centric)
                   - countrate

  output_file : an ASCII file with 2 columns :
                   - frequency (Hz)
                   - normalized estimated power spectral density

  minf        : start frequency (Hz)
  maxf        :   end frequency (Hz)
  stepf       :  frequency step (Hz)

  -h:  this help message
  -v:  verbosity level (=1; 0 is silent)

Bernard Godard 2004-11-04