Archive/Data services

  1. At STScI
    1. MAST - All web based
      1. Missions
        1. HST, ASTRO, Orfeus, Copernicus, FUSE, HUT, FEFS, ROSAT, IUE, UIT, IMAPS
        2. Preview data/images
        3. Links to literature references
        4. prepared datasets
      2. Catalogs
        1. SDSS, GSC, DSS, VLA-First
      3. Single Mission/catalog science search tool
      4. cross mission search tools
        1. Scrapbook - Lists and displays representative spectra or images from the MAST archive based on user specified target name or coordinates.
        2. Single Target quick search - Cross correlation search based on user specified target name or coordinates.
        3. Hiparcos Cross correlation for all missions
        4. SKY2000 xcorr
        5. Veron-Cetty and Veron AGN catalog xcorr
        6. Abell cluster xcorr
        7. User supplied catalog xcoor
    2. StarView - Java application
      1. Currently HST specific.  Will add MAST missions by fall
      2. Will be able to offer services to other archives (maybe Chandra...)
        1. each archive controls its services which are joined together in one application
      3. Search for science data, engineering information, OTFR/C or other calibration information
      4. users design customized searches
      5. subscribes to several services from MAST (previews, dss,...)
      6. able to cross qualify (results of any part of search can be used to drive another search) from other searches or from local files (user provided catalogs). User driven cross qualification across missions.
      7. Graphical interaction via VTT or JIPA (user can display image and click objects to add their coords to search)
      8. Interaction with other JAVA programs possible (e.g. VTT and SpecView) enables archive input into other areas.
    3. VTT
      1. explore NED, SIMBAD or the Guide Star Catalog, against a FITS image.
      2. Graphical interface into starview queries
  2. ECF
    1. Basic web searches for HST data
    2. Extra associations
    3. Web searches for ESO ground based telescope datasets
    4. basic catalog searches
    5. Skycat - FITS display with web/local  based catalog interaction from many sources
    6. AstroVirtel
  3. CADC
    1. Basic web searches with extra associations
    2. calibration information
    3. CFA survey xqual
    4. Hewitt-Burbidge QSO xqual
    5. RC3 xqual
    6. SAO xqual
    7. CFHT  JCMT archives
    8. Carnagy Mellon Medium Deep Survey
    10. Canadian Vizier clone (more below)
    11. Large jukebox of data from other sources that are browsable (download files from the cds such as AAS cds from journals and many other CDs seen at AAS meetings or from NSSDC or other large catalogs on CDroms)
    12. Mirrors and pointers to other catalogs and archives
    13. AstroCat - a large list of many standard catalogs online (UGC, SAO, North 6cm, ABELL)
  4. ADS Abstract service
    1. has back links to data in HST archive (others?)
  5. AstroPH /
    1. papers in raw format ( can get tables but not data for figures)
  6. IPAC
    1. NED
      1. searches by coords, redshift, or object type
      2. photometry and other physical info on object basis
      3. Literature references/searches
      4. xcorr of MANY extragalactic catalogs
    2. ISO archive
    3. 2Mass
    4. IRSA (2mas images and lots of largely IR/Radio catalogs) web based interface
      1. sky click driven web interface to find 2mass images
      2. coord/object search
    5. Skyview -an image display and analysis program for the interactive analysis of astronomical data using the X-Windows user interface. Skyview is primarily intended for the analysis of flux/intensity and position calibrated scientific imagery.
  7. Planetary Data System
  8. NCSA
    1. Astronomy Digital Image Library
  9. NOAO
    1. NOAO deep wide field survey
    2. SNO Digital library
    3. various stellar spectral standards and photometric standards
  10. NRAO
    1. The NRAO VLA Sky Survey - Note this seems top be Condons data put on the web from his personal web space.  This is an interesting example of a user catalog that could be in the Archive (as we are proposing to build one for NRAO!!!).
  11. UMRAO
    1. Database Interface - An object by object catalog of data again from a proposed (the data was last updated in 1999) ApJ Supp. paper submitted summer 2001.
  12. USNO
    1. The Radio Optical Reference Frame
    2. USNO-A2 catalog
    3. General Data
  13. The UK Astronomical Data Centre - Archives data from UKIRT and Isaac Newton Telescope
  14. AAT - Requires some sort of account...
  15. 2CRR Atlas - Another published catalog online
  16. PR and CJ Survey Maps - Simply links in someones personal web space to postscript maps of sources in three vlba surveys.  Fits data are elsewhere.  Is this a useful format for an Archive?
    1. ARGUS web search
    2. Astrobrowse - catalog format unification
    3. browse - Browse provides access to the catalogs and astronomical archives (largely cross correlation functionality of catalogs in astrobrowse standard format)
    4. skymorph - time series view of sky
    5. skyview - catalog/survey overlays
    6. fv, ftools, fitsio, jsky  - fits viewing tool
  18. NSSDC
    1. lots of catalogs
    2. data from some missions (simply stored??? links were all broken for swas cobe and iras)...
  19. ADC
    1. AMASE search fro catalogs based on keywords
    2. catseye plotter for making x-y plots (part of catalog viewer but users can send in their own)  sort of
    3. xml resources
    4. Vizier mirror
  20. Chandra
    1. web interface to find data
    2. java applet to do the same
  21. CDS
    1. Simbad - the object, catalog, and reference crosscorreltaion
    2. Vizier - catalog access service (3069 catalogues in VizieR)
    3. Aladdin - a dss sky atlas with all sorts of vizier overlays in applet form