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Preview for ODTA10030

(Publication reference: ads/Sa.HST#ODTA10030)
Preview for this observation is not available

Exposure Information

Target Name: HD167060
RA: 18 17 44.38
Dec: -61 42 34.37
Data Quality: GSFAIL
Observation Date: Feb 27 2019 9:03AM
Exp Time: 4.6083
Release Date: Feb 27 2019 12:06PM
Instrument: STIS
Filter/Grating: G750L
Aperture: 52X2
Config: STIS/CCD
Quality Comment:Guide star reacquisition failed. Observation taken on gyros only. STIS CCD aperture door shut throughout exposure.

Original observing program:
15485 - Bohlin, Ralph C. - Space Telescope Science Institute
CAL/STIS: Standard Stars for the JWST Mission and CALSPEC Legacy
- Cycle 25 - Status: scheduling

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