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Preview for ODKN91040

(Publication reference: ads/Sa.HST#ODKN91040)
Preview for this observation is not available

Exposure Information

Target Name: HD-131835
RA: 14 56 54.43
Dec: -35 41 44.14
Data Quality:
Observation Date: Mar 13 2019 1:41AM
Exp Time: 80.5
Release Date: Sep 13 2019 12:00PM
Instrument: STIS
Filter/Grating: MIRVIS
Aperture: 50CORON
Config: STIS/CCD
Quality Comment:

Original observing program:
15218 - Choquet, Elodie - Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille
Debris Disk Dust Characterization through Spectral Types: Deep Visible-Light Imaging of Nine Systems
Planets and Planet Formation - Cycle 25 - Status: implementation

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