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Preview for IDVA06HWQ

(Publication reference: ads/Sa.HST#IDVA06HWQ)
Preview for this observation is not available

Exposure Information

Target Name: OMEGACEN
RA: 13 26 46.28
Dec: -47 28 44.60
Data Quality:
Observation Date: Mar 19 2019 4:30PM
Exp Time: 50
Release Date: Mar 20 2019 12:36AM
Instrument: WFC3
Filter/Grating: F438W
Config: WFC3/UVIS
Quality Comment:

Original observing program:
15594 - Kozhurina-Platais, Vera - Space Telescope Science Institute
Validation of ACS/WFC Distortion, L-Flat and PSF extraction
None - Cycle 26 - Status: implementation

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