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Preview for IDSR02D1Q

(Publication reference: ads/Sa.HST#IDSR02D1Q)
Preview for this observation is not available

Exposure Information

Target Name: 288P
RA: 11 46 09.53
Dec: +05 09 05.71
Data Quality:
Observation Date: Dec 22 2018 3:27AM
Exp Time: 230
Release Date: Mar 22 2019 8:57AM
Instrument: WFC3
Filter/Grating: F606W
Aperture: UVIS2-C1K1C-SUB
Config: WFC3/UVIS
Quality Comment:

Original observing program:
15481 - Agarwal, Jessica - Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
The orbital evolution of binary main-belt comet 288P/300163
None - Cycle 25 - Status: implementation

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